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In a series of flashbacks, the course of Jackson and Rachel's relationship is covered, as well as Jackson's relationship with patient Tatiana. The flashbacks keep going further back in time, starting with the Jackson arriving at a church where Tatiana is in a wedding dress. As Jackson gently brushes her face, the  scene jumps to April teaching a class and then to Jackson and April at the lawyer's offices to sign the divorce papers. From there, it goes to April getting served at work, then to their attempts at counseling. Tatiana urges Jackson to end things with April as he removes the bandages from her final surgery. There's a happy interlude when April and Jackson are hooking up and are in counseling. Then the scene from the midseason finale where April challenges Jackson to tell her he wants to end things. Then to their first separation hookup, which ended ambiguously. Then to the preceding dinner, which starts out very friendly with the two laughing and joking, but goes sideways when April gets defensive about an offhand comment. Their fight about why she left ends up with them having sex. The next round of flashbacks revolves around how April wanted Jackson to come back to Jordan with her, but he missed the plane. They have a fight before all of that about how she wants him to come but he claims to have commitments that he won't abandon. Jackson runs into a problem with Tatiana's facial reconstruction. She tries to comfort her about April being gone at Christmas, and about it being the anniversary of losing Samuel. Then to April in Jordan, unable to get a sat phone signal to reach Jackson. Then to Jackson getting a cut on his arm stitched up by Ben. Then to Avery disassembling the nursery furniture on his own and getting frustrated and smashing everything, injuring himself in the process. Then to April sitting in the nursery after Samuel's death, completely despondent until Jackson brings up having another baby, which appalls her. Then to Tatiana fighting Ben and Jo before a surgery, freaking out about how much her life has changed. Then to April and Jackson celebrating her pregnancy in the locker room with a dance party. and telling the rest of their friends after Callie accidentally breaks the news. April and Jackson have a spat on the plane on the way to see her parents for the first time after their marriage. Then to Tatiana looking through their wedding album, and getting upset that she'll never be beautiful like that again. Then to April and Jackson's wedding ceremony, then to the motel the night before where April tries to insist on no premarital sex but ends up dragging Jackson into her room. Then to a thrift store where she hunts for a new wedding dress and they compromise about the wedding ceremony. Then to the car trip to Vegas, where they discuss things like where they'll live and April changing her name. Next April tells a stressed out Jackson that there will be no more sex, but he's too stressed about doing a tricky procedure without Sloan. And then to Tatiana being brought into the ER initially after having acid thrown in her face -- it's mentioned that this is while Sloan is "on a plane to Idaho." The next scene is April and Jackson walking through the hospital complaining about attendings when they come to the spot where Reed was shot. They talk a little about the shooting, and Jackson is shocked and a little uncomfortable when April hugs him as she starts to cry. Then to their first day as residents at Mercy West, where they are asked to introduce themselves and what they think they want their specialties to be. Jackson is frustrated and embarrassed when everyone focuses on his family and April rambles on and on about herself. Then speed back through everything to the present. April asks Jackson if he really wants the divorce and reluctantly signs the papers. Both of them are upset and Jackson watches her leave with teary eyes. At the church, Jackson reassures Tatiana about a fight she had with her fiance that morning. Arizona shows up with two bags of booze to comfort April, but she turns down a drink, revealing that she took a pregnancy test that morning that came back positive. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11 Quotes

April: Did you see what we just did there? We disagreed. We discussed. We compromised.
Jackson: We are pretty amazing at this marriage thing.
April: We are.

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Meredith: Who died?
April: What?
Meredith: I only dance it out when something bad's happened.