Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Moo Shu to Go

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Clary cause trouble? Never!

On Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5, the little redheaded spitfire gets to meet a big mama spitfire, has a run in with werewolves, and...outs Alec?

But let's forget about all that for a moment and talk about that phone call! Malec, anyone?

It lasted less than a minute, but was that phone call the best part of this fabulous hour or what? I've never considered myself a 'shipper of any sort, but I have to admit, I am just loving Magnus Bane and his interactions with Alec.

Magnus is suave and flamboyant, while Alec is hard-nosed and miserable. Opposites attract for sure. Did you notice how Alec's wall just crumbled when he heard Magnus' voice? Who needs Jace when you have Magnus?! For a couple that has barely had any screen time together, the chemistry between these two absolutely sizzles.

I wanted more!!!! But leave it to Clary to ruin it all.

We picked up where Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 4 left off with Clary getting a Valentine vision from the necklace her mom left her. Turns out the necklace is a portal shard.

Alec, being Alec, wants to put the necklace into safe hiding because he wants to protect the Institute fearing that Valentine might be able to use the necklace to infiltrate it. 

Clary is upset because the necklace was the only thing that kept her connected to her mom. Jace is actually on her side on this issue, not surprising considering that he is falling deeper and deeper in love with this girl even though he is completely oblivious to it.

But Clary is so whiny here. And did you see how she looked back at Jace for support? It's a pretty bitch move for her to do especially considering what she reveals to Alec later.

After her little verbal spar with Alec, she stomps off and mopes on a bench when Izzy finds her. I'm really enjoying the sisterly feelings happening between these two. They both come from such different backgrounds, but yet still can connect on such a base level. Izzy is genuine and tough as nails which is proven when her mother, Maryse, shows up.

The woman just barrels past her and gives her the worst scowl I've ever seen a mother give her child. It's too bad, especially after she just heard Clary talk so highly about her own mother. But this may very well be where Izzy gets her badassness from, because her mother is one big badass bitch.

Maryse sends Jace and Izzy on a mission leaving Alec in charge of Miss Sassypants herself. Oh, joy. Jace's only request before he leaves is for Alec is to please, take care of his little pixie cup. And Alec being the good parabatai that he is will do what is requested of him, right? Of course.

The tension between Clary and Alec is obviously increasing, but now that he knows that she knows his secret, will they become friends? Honestly, I did not see her outing Alec coming at all. That was a huge surprise! Clary is a lot more observant than what I have been giving her credit for.

The world apparently doesn't revolve around her in her mind. At least not all the time.

But she is causing problems between Jace and Alec and that is not cool. Hopefully, these problems won't last long, but they were pretty deep this hour. Jace was not happy with Alec, even after he realized that Alec was not to blame for Clary's escaping from the Institute. Love definitely turns a blind eye.

Simon showed up this episode with a new set of powers that no one seemed to bat an eyelash at, because, you know, pulling doors off their hinges is just...normal. As is leaping over walls or breaking through handcuffs. Whatever.

We met werewolves, too, who hid behind doors in order to change into human form. Another whatever. I just wish Shadowhunters had a bigger special effects budget, because I would have really liked to have seen Luke the werewolf beat the crap out of Theo the werewolf instead of just imagining what it was looking like behind those pallets. Maybe not a full-out show, but at least a little more than the cheap version we were given.

Overall, I thought this was the best episode to date so far. It was an action-packed hour, the dialogue was much better than in previous episodes, the story moved, Clary had lots of oomph, and there was that awesome Malec phone call!

Random Thoughts

  • Valentine is NOT a real threat. I'm telling you, the guy has been kicked out of the Big Bad Club. His little two minute scene this hour just reemphasized the point! What was the point of that scene, anyway? Shadowhunters seriously needs to up the ante with this Big Bad that is not a Big Bad.
  • I guess the only reason for the memory demon was to get Magnus and Alec together, because Clary obviously doesn't need her memories to find the Mortal Cup. Why didn't she remember anything about the box before?
  • If Clary was so worried about Simon, why did she stay sitting in that chair? Her feet weren't bound so she could've gotten up to chase after him. She really needs to work on her frantic/scared looks. The acting is so up and down with this girl.

What did you think of "Moo Shu to Go?" Are you still screaming over that Malec moment? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Moo Shoo to Go Review

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