Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Of Men and Angels

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Well, that was a lot of drama to digest.

On Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 6, we learned that Jocelyn and Luke were the ones responsible for turning Valentine into a bad guy, the Lightwood's are in trouble with the Clave, Simon is still a wimp when he's around Jace despite his burgeoning vampiric powers, and Clary is at the center of it all.

Of course.

The episode begins right where the last one left off with Clary, Jace, and Simon taking the alpha-bitten Luke to Magnus' lair in hopes that he can heal Luke's wounds and stop the poison from killing him.

Luke is delirious and has a vision (or a hallucination) in which Jocelyn urges him to tell Clary everything about their past. If he does this, she says, they'll find the Mortal Cup. But Luke isn't going to stay conscious enough to do this, so before he passes out, again, he tells Magnus to shed light on all the Fairchild mysteries.

But first, Magnus needs to make a potion, but he doesn't have all the ingredients. What a better pair to send out to retrieve them then Simon and Jace. The two people who hate each other most. 

There was a lot of mean-spirited banter between Jace and Simon, most of it coming from Jace. He is one arrogant bastard, isn't he?

I was really disappointed when Simon became a stuttering fool when he said he was happy with just being Clary's best friend and claiming all sorts of women were swooning over him. It was just stupid.

But, I was more disappointed when he backed down after he took the knife to Jace. Seriously, he apologizes? C'mon, Simon!

Why does he continue to let Jace bully him? If I was Simon, I'd knock the Dean Winchester wanna-be down a few notches with insults about his ridiculous 80's-style finger gloves and that idiotic hair.

Yes, it's true. I do not like Jace Wayland in the slightest. I hope when Simon goes full vampire that he does something evil to Jace just to get back at him for being such a jerk.

What was the deal with Simon leaving a $20 bill for Jace? Was this something from the books, or was he being a smart ass and leaving him a tip for something? I just didn't get that at all. 

While there was a lot (and I mean a lot) of exposition this episode, it wasn't mind-numbing drivel this time around. The flashbacks helped, though I didn't quite understand why we had to see Jocelyn and Valentine fight with swords twice.  The story circling around? Like the Circle? 

It wasn't surprising to find out that Valentine had once been a good guy. Isn't that how all bad guys start out? I'm still not convinced of Valentine's Big Bad status, though. If anything, I actually feel sorry for him because of what Luke and Jocelyn did to him. 

Though, I'm not quite sure if they were actually having an affair. It was a little unclear especially when Luke said that Valentine started experimenting with demon blood because he was convinced Luke and Jocelyn were having an affair. So were they or weren't they? 

It also was a little odd when Valentine betrayed Luke by locking him in with werewolves. Why didn't he just kill him straight out when they were walking in the dark towards the warehouse, or use him as a test subject for his experiments?

Seems like it would have been a much better punishment than hoping he gets ripped apart by wolves.

Maryse showed that she is still the queen of cold bitches. She really does not like her daughter, does she? It's too bad, because they look just like each other, even down to the blood red lipstick. It' wasn't very clear exactly why the Lightwood's were in trouble with the Clave, other than their rogue missions for Clary. 

It seems kind of dumb that they would be upset about a girl just trying to find her mother who is responsible for the missing Mortal Cup that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Speaking about the Cup, it appears that Clary has finally figured out where her mother hid it. All thanks to her placing her brother's box on an empty drawing page. Even I can figure out where Jocelyn hid the Cup with that clue.

I'm really starting to feel that as we delve deeper into this story people who haven't read the books are going to get lost. Things are getting more complicated and no amount of exposition is going to be able to spell it out for all us non-book readers. And that's unfortunate.

Other Thoughts:

  • The Circle member tattoos are absolutely horrible. They look like red puffy paint. Not real looking or convincing at all. 
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Isabelle's new look!
  • Though, I did feel bad for her that she decided to end her relationship with Meliorn because of all the drama.
  • Did anyone else notice how similar Alec and Izzy's dad is to Valentine? They could be brothers!
  • The whole Malec scene with Magnus and Alec sharing drinks was the most awesome scene of the series so far. I could watch those two all day. Alec really becomes a different person when he's around Magnus. It's beautiful to watch. Seriously, Malec is, by far, the best part of Shadowhunters.

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Of Men and Angels Review

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