Watch Chicago Fire Online: Season 4 Episode 16

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Will Casey reconsider his role for alderman?

That appeared to be the case on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 16 after he was targeted by a propaganda campaign.

The squad went ahead and responded when a man was trapped inside a burning car. 

Elsewhere on this installment, Trudy's nerdy brother planned Mouch's bachelor party, but was it be a hit or a major miss?

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Brett investigated a kidnapping case after a fire and, as you can probably guess, it lead to the both of them in grave danger. 

Use the video above to watch Chicago Fire online and find out more.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Hey, maybe we mix things up a little bit, huh? Party bus to Indiana, hmm? Open bar, open road, who knows what'll happen?


Becks: A little free advice: you're in Chicago politics now. There's no shallow end.