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The NCIS agents can't even take some time away from their job. 

That much was made clear on NCIS Season 13 Episode 17 when each of the team members realized that a closed case had several inconsistencies... and they had to come together to resolve it.

Meanwhile, McGee and Delilah came to blows over not being able to work during dinner, but what was the best course of action for them?

Oh, and there was also this: Dinozzo had one of the most awkward dates ever. 

Use the video above to watch NCIS online to see just how bad it went. 

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 17 Quotes

Tony: There's no way Petty Officer Muldoon would have taken him three shots to drop that guy. He would have nailed him on the first shot. He's a pro!
Leah: Yeah, well pros do miss on the first shot. You sure as hell did. Listen. Tony. You're clearly somewhere else and I'm starting to think that I should be too.
Tony: Oh no. I'm so sorry. Please, give me a second chance.
Leah: Here's my email.
Tony: Oh. Okay. When can I see you again?
Leah: Never. I just really want to know how this case you've been talking about for the last hour, turns out.

Tony: See, this is why we shouldn't go home at night. There's no point.
McGee: Where's your date?
Tony: Probably the same place your download dinner went, Mcbite me.
Delilah: No comment.