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Teagan: No wonder Michaela behaves like such a fool. She had you as a teacher.
Annalise: We have the Antares files. I haven't found any illegal activity yet.
Teagan: Because there is none.
Annalise: Because you haven't told me where to look for them.

Jorge: You took my daughter from me.
Annalise: You took Wes from me.

Tell me where your mother is. Did you do something to her? Did you hurt her?


Nate: It's me, you alone?
Annalise: No, Frank's with me, what happened?
Nate: There's been an accident.

Annalise, I know who has the drive. It's Denver. He's playing both sides.


Denver: What do you want?
Laurel: Tell me who killed Wes.

Connor: We should have put a pillow over his head when we had a chance.
Asher: Tape a picture of Michaela to it, and I'll suffocate him myself.

Michaela: It was a mistake.
Asher: This wasn't a mistake, Michaela. This was you stabbing me in the heart.

Did you hurt me? Yeah, but that's on me. I had a lot of messed up feelings for you that I shouldn't have.

Isaac [to Annalise]

Michaela: Are we the most horrible people we've ever met?
Laurel: No, we just had horrible parents.
Michaela: We're too old to be blaming our parents.

Frank: No matter what I have to do, I'm bringing that kid home to you.
Laurel: No more dead people.
Frank: I know.

Laurel: Why didn't he tell me? We were together right after he met her, he could have told me.
Frank: To be fair, you didn't tell him about us.

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

Bonnie: Why'd you lie to me about Sam? I asked you to your face what happened and you said you didn't know.
Frank: We're not doing this while you're wasted.
Bonnie: She told you not to tell me, right?
Frank: Do you blame her?
Bonnie: No. But it's why I can't go up there.

Shame on you for using your own baby to make me do this.

Rose [to Annalise]