Days of Our Lives Recap: Abby Gets Revenge!

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Ever since Ben Weston was revealed to be the psychotic Necktie Killer, his scenes have been creepy.

This past week on Days of Our Lives, the Ben/Abby storyline took an even darker turn as Abigail seduced her ex-fiance then prepared to burn him alive!

Chad Is Shaken Up - Days of Our Lives

Of course, this is not the first woman to seek violent revenge recently. First Hope attempted to kill Seth Malcolm and succeeded in killing Stefano. Then Ciara's friends kidnapped Chase so that Ciara could get her revenge.

Now Abby is setting Ben on fire.

I'm not worried. Ben's not a problem for me anymore.


Abigail's descent into madness was truly terrifying. She really sold the poor naive girl act to Ben, telling him all sorts of things that he was too out of it to realize were about him and not Chad. He totally bought that Chad was abusing Abigail and that she wanted to try again with him.

The looks on Abby's face whenever Ben's back was turned showed how disgusted she was. I wasn't sure if she actually had a plan until the moment she stabbed him with the scissors. 

Creepiest of all was the calm way she talked to Chad, sounding like she was just a little anxious while peppering her half of the conversation with references to what was really going on. Abigail has clearly lost it.

It might not have bothered me so much if we didn't see Hope do almost the exact same thing six months ago. I really hope that Chad's return means Abby is going to be stopped from burning the house down while her infant son sleeps downstairs. Hopefully we won't have yet another coverup story.

The graphic nature of these scenes was also disturbing and repetitive. As creepy as they were, I could have done without so much blood and gore. Also, Hope already stabbed Aiden with a pair of scissors and I didn't want to see that the first time.

And again, JJ should be a bigger part of this storyline than he is. The writers once again gave him stock cop lines. Other than the scared look on his face when Chad told him that Abby wasn't answering his phone, viewers might not have realized that he is actually Abigail's brother and not some random uniform.

It's great that JJ is a bit more mature than he used to be, but that shouldn't mean he left his personality behind. The JJ I know and love would have made a half-hearted effort to get Rafe or Roman's attention before mumbling to himself that he can't let his sister get hurt and rushing off without any backup whatsoever.

Maybe he will be asked to arrest Abby when all is said and done. I hope so. He needs something to do other than say flatly that he'll make a phone call.

Okay, well, this is now and I'm me. And I'm gone.


Across town, both Maggie and Victor ended up in the hospital thanks to Deimos. The sudden revelation that Nicole is a blonde version of Helena, the woman Victor and Deimos fought over, is silly considering Victor was married to Nicole. But I'm willing to overlook that because it gets Nicole back in investigative mode.

Nicole never should have quit the reporting job to be the co-CEO of Basic Black. It's obvious that investigative work is what she is born to do. Seeing her in her element, investigating Deimos while sardonically telling him to stay away from her, makes the rest of this storyline worth it.

Having Nicole be the one to save Victor's life was a nice touch considering what she did to him in the past. I'm hoping to see an uneasy alliance form between the two to get rid of Deimos for once and for all.

When the anesthetic wears off I want to be fully alert so I can know what I’m feeling. If I’m feeling.


Maggie's paralysis would be an emotional story -- if we hadn't seen it 30 years ago. Once was enough. In addition, it seems to mainly be a vehicle for Maggie and Summer to bond.

The worst thing about this story is that it just makes Maggie look bad plus rewrites her history. Longtime viewers know Mickey was Maggie's first lover. Ignoring that, Maggie clearly did the right thing when she gave Summer up. She was young and unable to care appropriately for a child. There is no shame in giving her up for adoption.

Maggie's guilt may be good drama, but it also makes it sound like giving a child up for adoption is an evil thing to do. This is a terrible message to send to young viewers (or anyone really) who may be facing a similar choice in their lives.

In other news, Ciara skipped her therapy session, then offered to babysit Thomas for Abigail and Chad. I was hoping Ciara and Abby would bond over their shared PTSD, but other than a brief mention, it didn't happen.

Ciara is busy with all sorts of things but claims to have time for Theo. I hope there's time for an actual story around these two. So far their potential union has been all too easy, especially since Theo's rival for Ciara's affections suddenly became a lunatic who gets arrested over and over.

Chase broke into the Horton House using the exact same method JJ did three years ago. Lucky thing Rafe was randomly in the area. After all, if JJ came home and dealt with the situation he'd have to have a storyline.

Kayla wanted to go on the run with Steve and Joey, but as soon as Steve was cleared of all charges she decided life with him was too dangerous to contemplate. Apparently the writers think we enjoyed the constant back and forth with Daniel and Jennifer for the past several years and are determined to keep it going with these two.

Kayla then exhibited the same mysterious lightheadedness and fainting that Maggie did a few weeks ago. Maybe they can share a room at the hospital in a ward for people who have fainting-related injuries.

Your turn! What did you think of this week's Days of Our Lives? Did you enjoy Abby's revenge or was it a bit too much? Does Kayla's sudden desire to break up with Steve make any sense to you? 

Weigh in below, and don't forget to check back on Sunday for the Days of Our Lives Round Table Discussion.


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