17 TV Characters Who Have Impeccable Style

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Fashion on TV has an undeniable affect on fashion trends off-screen. Some of the most stylish TV characters (both men and women) have inspired the clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair styles we see in the real world.

They also give us, as viewers, the confidence to try new styles for ourselves.

From Olivia Pope and Jessica Day, to Lucious Lyon and Sherlock Holmes, here are 17 TV characters with impeccable personal style. 

1. Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope
Scandal's Olivia Pope is how every fierce woman wishes they could dress on a daily basis. From power suits and peacoats, to those super fashionable capes, Olivia Pope is a TV style icon. Don't believe me? The character has inspired her own line of clothes at The Limited. Her style is classic, yet sexy, and her hair is always on point. Girl, work!

2. Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin
I could talk about her fierce braided updos all day, but let's focus on her wardrobe. Lydia Martin of MTV's Teen Wolf is one of my all-time favorite female characters, and her confidence and personal style are part of the reason. Her look is preppy, fresh, and suprisingly age-appropriate (something pretty rare on TV these days). The character is a great model for teenage girls looking to dress just like her.

3. Lucious Lyon

Lucious Lyon
If there's one word to describe Lucious Lyon of Empire's style, it's 'sharp.' Those suits and statement blazers just exude power and confidence. Lucious constantly looks like he's ready to shoot the cover of GQ.

4. Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak
Smart is sexy, especially when you're Arrow's Felicity Smoak. The heels, the colorful body con dresses, and the black-framed glasses are what make up her signature style. Felicity always comes off professional and classy no matter what she's rocking.

5. Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore
There's something hot about a guy who knows what he looks good in and sticks with it. For The Vampire Dairies' Damon Salvatore, that's a neutral cotton v-neck t-shirt, a black leather jacket, dark-wash fitted jeans, and a glass of bourbon in hand. Hey, it's been working for him for over a century!

6. Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery
All of the leading ladies on Pretty Little Liars have an amazing sense of style, but there's something special about Aria Montgomery's. It's quirky, funky, and a little bolder than the other girls. She's also not afraid to rock statement jewelry and bold prints. We can all appreciate a fashion risk-taker and trend-setter.

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