Supergirl Round Table: Wait, The World is in the Hands of Who Now?

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Myriad took effect and turned almost everyone into mindless zombies on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19. Our Round Table can't wait to see how our heroes stop it!

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Jay Ruymann, Paul Dailly, and Christine Orlando share their thoughts on Max's plan, what made them roll their eyes, and what they expect to see happen on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20

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What did you think of Max's plan? Would you be willing to sacrifice 8% of the city to save the world?

Jim: I heard it as 8% of the city, to save the city (according to Cat's numbers). Sure that would hopefully translate to saving the world, but there is no way to know if it would actually stop Non or not. Not worth the risk to me.

Kathleen: It did seem pretty drastic. That's a lot of people. A lot. I'd certainly like to think that I'd try to figure out other options before it comes down to killing hundreds of thousands of people, which seems pretty cold-blooded mathematics to me. It's a terrible dilemma, to be sure.

Jay: Not at all. I was with Cat the entire time, hoping for another plan that didn't involve mass death.

Paul: I was with Cat. There's always another way and that will probably ring true in the finale.

Christine: Max’s 8% didn’t sound so bad until Cat put it into real numbers of real lives. And who knows how accurate Max’s numbers were? If you can figure out how to save 92% of the population, then it’s time to get to work on saving the other 8%!

Were you surprised Max decided to protect Cat? What did you think about Cat and Max being Supergirl's only help?

Jim: I was more surprised that Max had sent Cat the earrings than them being Supergirl's only help. I was curious how Cat got to work that morning without noticing the problem since her driver would have been a zombie and all.

Kathleen: Maybe Max should have kept a spare set for Alex, which Supergirl could have delivered to her so there was no mess with poor J'onn trying to protect Alex from Myriad. Though I do question Supergirl's tactics at the end when faced with fighting mind-controlled Alex, as she missed the totally obvious option: avoiding combat entirely.

It's not like Alex could catch her, after all. Just run away, keep her distracted until Max and Cat do their thing. Alex doesn't get hurt, Non gets annoyed, and hopefully someone has the presence of mind to actually destroy Indigo this time around.

Jay: It was a really interesting dynamic! I always thought Lord and Cat had a connection of sorts, so I wasn't really surprised. I loved Cat and Supergirl working together to save the city, it was refreshing, but really made me afraid that Ms. Grant may be dying soon.

Paul: I was surprised with all of Max's actions. I didn't expect him to side with Kara either.

Christine: I was kind of surprised he sent Cat the earrings, as I always felt he had a stronger connection to Alex. But I loved Supergirl working with Cat and Max, especially Cat. She’s become my favorite character on the show.

What did you find the most frustrating about "Myriad?"

Jim: I think the most frustrating thing was that it was a little "convenient" that Superman was affected by Myriad because he was "too human". They seemed to be playing a bit fast and loose with the effects of Myriad.

Kathleen: Very true, Jim. I was also scratching my head at the delivery system for the mind control, which was mostly glossed over. Something-something-Max Lord's technology-something-satellite-something? What happens if you just happened to be standing in a place without reception, like a concrete basement? (A wild Plot Demon appears! Plot Demon uses Plot Device! It's super effective!)

Jay: I'm still a bit confused about how this signal was delivered. Is it like a dog whistle for humans?

Paul: I'm with Jay on this one. It all seemed like a bit of a half baked idea that was thrown in because it was the penultimate episode.

Christine: Really? Superman is affected too. That just seemed a little too convenient, but I guess it was the only way not to have to cast the Man of Steel.

How do you think the finale will play out?

Jim: Hopefully, it will be: Stop Non, Save Alex, redeem J'onn and Alex, and get a glimpse of Jeremiah so that we know he is a focus for next season.

Kathleen: Break Myriad, throw Non in jail (yay!), decompile Indigo for good (or at least get her a better wig), head off to figure out more about Project Cadmus. Bring on Season 2!

Jay: I really don't know, other than stopping Non. Seeing Alex and Kara fight is going to be very hard to watch, that was such a low blow.

Paul: I have a feeling that either Alex or Cat won't make it out alive. The Non storyline won't be resolved and will be dragged kicking and screaming into Season 2.

Christine: Oh, I hope you’re wrong Paul because I love both Alex and Cat. I do hope Non and Indigo are disposed of because they’re beginning to bore me. After that I want a glimpse of Jeremiah and perhaps the tiniest movement forward on the Kara/James relationship.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jim: I really enjoyed J'onn and Eliza Danvers talking. She asked so many of the questions that fans have had over the years for how J'onn's powers worked. I want to add an honorable mention of Cat's phone conversation of, "Tell Harrison Ford no, I will not go out with him. I don't date older married men." I would have loved to have seen Harrison's reaction to his wife saying that line.

Kathleen: That really was a great scene, wasn't it! I definitely enjoyed Eliza Danvers's enthusiastic questions. I'd also like to call out Cat Grant's low-key but remarkably uplifting pep talk with Supergirl.

Jay: I agree Kathleen, I really loved the pep talk between Cat and Supergirl. It's unique to still be learning as much about a main character as we are about Cat Grant and I hope she continues to be a driving force of hope and support for Kara to use throughout the seasons.

Paul: My favorite scene was Cat acting like nothing was wrong with the office. It was hilarious.

Christine: Cat was the perfect comical touch while the rest of the world was falling apart. She makes me laugh, but still has more than enough heart to make me care. I enjoyed every scene she was in in this episode.

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