The Catch Round Table: What Will Alice Do?!?

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This cat is nowhere near to catching her mouse!

On The Catch Season 1 Episode 2, Alice found herself getting in too deep with the first case of the week as she tried to track down Ben at the same time. 

TV Fanatics Christine Laskodi, Ashley Sumerel and Paul Dailly discuss the first case, the villains and Alice's next move.

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What did you think of the case of the week?

Christine: I liked it! I hope we continue like this. I think we learned a lot about Alice through watching her work this case. She's off her game and it's going to keep happening as long as ChristoBen is messing with her, and she keeps seeing herself in the clients (as she definitely did with Rebecca in the end, and throughout the case.) And the case itself was twisty too. I, also, was back and forth on whether it was Jeffrey or Peyton.

Ashley: I'm glad that's the format, first of all. I think it works well for the story and like Christine says, it gives us a good way to learn more about Alice. The case itself was really interesting, and I kind of like that we got that shock factor at the end. 

Paul: I think the format fits the show very well, but the case just felt like it had been done before on so many different shows.

Should Alice have known she was being bugged?

Christine: YES. Again, this is her JOB. She needs to start looking at things from an investigator's perspective. No one drops by to apologize at night. I'm hoping she realizes it quickly in the next episode. I'd hate to think she was terrible at her job.

Ashley: My instinct is to say yes, but I think the bottom line is that this is putting her in a different role than what she's used to. But yes, it was suspicious, and she should have known. 

Paul: I honestly think she’s acting very silly considering the mess her life is in right now.

Did you like getting to see the action from the perspective of the villains?

Christine: I think it was a good choice. A show told only from one side wouldn't be very intriguing at all. And I like seeing what ChristoBen is doing, and how much he's thinking of Alice. 

Ashley: Totally. I'm so intrigued by watching ChristoBen (I like this, Christine, so I'm going with it too) putting on all his charms and pulling off cons. I also think it's interesting how much I actually empathize with the villains.

Paul: Yeah, I’m enjoying the different perspectives a lot.

What's Alice's next move?

Christine: I think she was right on to track him. I love that she knows him so well that she can get him that easily. It's a shame she's not that savvy with her own matters. 

Ashley: Agree. If anyone can get to him, it's going to be her.

Paul: I think she’ll find a way to be in the same place as him soon, but Margot will threaten her.

Who is your favorite character so far?

Christine: ChristoBen. I'm sorry I keep calling him that. It's so hard to not call him Christopher, even though I KNOW his name is Ben. I think this story is really his, the story of the guy struggling with the life of crime because he's finally met his match. He really loves Alice. It's only a matter of time before he purposely slips up to see her. Peter Krause is really incredible in this role. 

Ashley: Oh, absolutely ChristoBen. I adore Peter Krause, and I think this role is fascinating. I love that we've already seen so many different sides to his character.

Paul: That’s a full house for ChristoBen. There’s a lot of different layers to this character and it’s crystal clear that he’s in love with Alice.

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