The Good Wife Round Table: Is Peter Innocent?

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Jason bought Alicia land on Mars while Zack came home with a big surprise for his parents, and Alicia threw a party for Jackie and Howard on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 20

Our TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate Peter’s innocence, whether Zack should be stopped, and Alicia’s future plans after “Party.”

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Would you prefer to see Alicia run off with Jason, partner with Diane, or go back to Peter?

Carissa: Run off with Jason. If she has a choice, go and be free. Her kids don't need her anymore, and she could use a little stress relief. 

Elizabeth: Partner with Diane. She's maintained her love of the law longer than her other relationships, and hasn't had to change herself for it. It's probably her healthiest relationship. Enjoy Jason now by all means – who knows, he may never get itchy feet again anyway. 

Christine: I’m hoping she can partner with Diane and have Jason, too. Diane and Kurt can make it work so why not Alicia and Jason? 

Was Zach’s engagement a surprise and should Alicia and Peter try to stop him from getting married and moving to France?

Carissa:  I think he's already gone. The episode was his swan song. Does anyone care? Yeah, I didn't think so. Honestly, his girlfriend seemed pretty cool, and better than I imagined he'd get.

Elizabeth: The engagement was a total surprise. Zach's been fairly level headed about things in the past, and never struck me as the type for sweeping romantic gestures. Convincing him to not go at all would never work, but talking to him about delaying the marriage (since taxes aren't an issue for them yet) and maybe doing a year at the Sorbonne while he's there would be a good direction. The relationship would likely fizzle out naturally, and he wouldn't be behind in his schooling. 

Christine: The moment Zack said he had a surprise I knew he was engaged. He’s always had this attitude that he’s smarter than everyone else, including with his parents. I’m with Alicia. It’s a mistake and will surely blow up on him but let it. Maybe he’ll learn something. 

Is Peter guilty or innocent?

Carissa: Surprisingly, I think he's innocent. I never thought Peter was a die hard criminal, and coming out of prison as he did, to take a chance with his life and his career would have made him an idiot, too. Criminal, idiot? Nope. It would be a shame if that's what they always intended for the character. 

Elizabeth: I agree that he's looking more and more innocent – or rather, not guilty. I think he'd help a donor out by covering up a speeding ticket or a DUI, but not premeditated homicide. At most he'd work a plea deal down to some kind of manslaughter or something. He's a bastard a lot of the time, but he's not evil. 

Christine: He may actually be not guilty. Peter is perfectly willing to bend the rules, even break them if he thinks he can get away with it but he’s not stupid. Showing up at the crime scene and then stealing evidence to tank a case sounds way too sloppy for Peter. 

Alicia Throws a Party - The Good Wife

Any idea what Jackie meant when she told Alicia she wouldn’t be seeing her again and that they were alike?

Carissa: That she's mad as a hatter? I know what she meant by not seeing her again. She has no intention of continuing a relationship with a woman with whom her son isn't married and she doesn't even like. Alike? Maybe she never liked her mother-in-law, either. 

Elizabeth: I was reminded of when my step-grandmother said something similar to me. The thing she wanted me to know was that she'd hated me, so this could have gone a lot worse. I'm a little puzzled on the similarities between Jackie and Alicia. Weird thing to say to someone who just threw you a very nice party. 

Christine: That’s what’s so funny. Alicia just threw her this great party and Jackie turns around and snubs her…but I get it. If she’s divorcing Peter then Jackie is done with her, especially now that the kids are grown. But the cryptic message about them being alike is really a mystery to me. 

Is there one question you'd like to see answered or storyline you'd like to see wrapped up before the series ends?

Carissa: I've lost sight of the storylines I used to like the most. They seem so far away now. The days when Alicia, Cary and Kalinda were pals and cared about each other, had interesting clients and even more interesting clients. Nope. I'm good. 

Elizabeth: I wouldn't say there are storylines or questions I'd like to see so much as characters. One of the things I've lived about The Good Wife is that it built a rich world, populated by vibrant recurring characters. I'm going to miss them all. 

Christine: I’ve always wanted Alicia to find out that Peter screwed her over during her State’s Attorney election, but I’m guessing that may never happen. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Carissa: Jason was so cute when he was explaining Mars. He just likes space. I didn't understand why a silly gift needed explaining. If anything, it means they aren't quite ready to spend the future together yet. There's a lot of space between them. 

Elizabeth: There were so many really funny pieces to this one, it's hard to pick. The dynamic between Jackie and Veronica, Marisa's hitherto unknown relationship with Mike Tascioni, the funeral flowers. I loved the little exchange between Marisa and Eli, "So do you know anyone here?" "A few."  Such an in joke. 

Christine: Jason explaining the gift and how he loves space was just so darn cute that I wanted to hug him. He really likes Alicia, but neither of them have any clue where this is going, and I think they just need to be okay with that for right now and have some fun. 

Check back on Sunday for our review of The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 21 and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic. 

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