The Originals Round Table: Will Cami Die?

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Who will die next?

That's the main question on our minds after The Originals Season 3 Episode 18. It was an hour that proved to us viewers that no one is safe. 

Below, TV Fanatics, Amanda Steinmetz, Kelly Thompson and Paul Dailly discuss Cami's fate, Klora and Kol's next move... 

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Will Cami die?

Amanda: If they couldn't save Finn (who died very quickly), I don't know what hope Cami has. I'd hate to see her go because we've spent so little time with her as a vampire and I would love to see Klaus navigate an actual romantic relationship with her. 

Kelly: I hope not! Cami is great and the show will suffer significantly if she goes. I also don't think she will die; her death seems more like a season finale death. They will figure out a way to keep her alive, I have no idea how but I have hope.

Paul: I honestly think she’s going to die. This seems ripe to be a storyline about Klaus going absolutely crazy before they jump forward three years.

What did you think of the Klaus and Aurora scenes?

Amanda: Aurora's been an entertaining character, but her behavior is getting tiresome. At least she didn't fall for Klaus' attempt to convince her of his feelings. She's smarter than that. Unfortunately she wasn't smart enough to keep her mouth shut about her true feelings toward Lucien.

Kelly: It was great to see Klaus to navigate with a crazy woman that he once had feelings for. Their dynamic is amusing and she is pretty great villain.

Paul: I really enjoy the character of Aurora. The actress can effortlessly play crazy and that made all of the scenes a marvel to watch.

On a scale of 1-10, how much does it suck that there are people stronger than the original vampires?

Amanda: I'd give this a 8. It sucks for the Mikaelsons because they're truly worried for their lives, but it's great for us as the viewers because the majority of the time, we know they will defeat whoever is trying to destroy them. I just don't know how they are going to kill Lucien and Aurora. 

Kelly: 1. because it still makes no sense how Lucien accomplished what he did. Normally, this show is pretty good at explaining things but the writers seem to believe that we would just accept this. I need more of an explanation of how Lucien made himself an uber-original and a hybrid.

Paul: 5. I’m torn about the whole thing. Amanda and Kelly make very great observations about it.

How do you expect the final episodes of the season to play out?

Amanda: Someone else is definitely going to die, I just hope it's not Cami or Kol. I'm also starting to wonder if maybe the only way for Lucien and Aurora to die is for them to kill each other. 

Kelly: Kol will die, probably by sacrificing himself in some way to gain some sympathy from the viewers and they will of course defeat Lucien only to find out there is something bigger and badder out there.

Paul: There’s going to be some more deaths for sure, but I have no idea who it could be, aside from Cami.

What's Kol's next move?

Amanda: Kol's been seriously screwed over by the ancestors. He'll die if he leaves New Orleans, but will be a monster if he stays. I don't know what he can do at this point other than have others keep him detained somehow.

Kelly: I have no idea but like I said I think he will sacrifice himself for Davina or this siblings at some point.

Paul: I have no idea. It seems perfectly plausible that he will be redeemed before the season is over, but at what cost?

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Hayley: The whole point in putting the deed to this place in Freya’s name was to make this place impenetrable and now you’re going to pick a fight with a guy who can kill you?
Elijah: Yes, well, when you put it that way it does sound a little reckless.

Kol: You must be growing tired of saving my ass.
Davina: Actually, I kind of like it.