Watch Quantico Online: Season 1 Episode 18

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What are the guys hiding?

Alex, Shelby and Iris finally uncovered the truth on Quantico Season 1 Episode 18 and it left them shocked to the core. You really need to click below to see what they discovered.

In the future, Alec got in contact with Claire Haas to help her locate her missing friends, but she gets another shock when she finds out what really happened to Caleb. 

Did Alex find out what happened to Shelby to make her work for the voice?

Use the video above to watch Quantico online to get up to speed with the latest on this addictive drama. 

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Stop saying penetrating. It's a rescue mission, not a sex act.


Drew: Why do I feel like you are trying to out run me even on a treadmill?
Alex: I'm not trying to out run you, I'm trying to get away from you.