Isabella: What is going to happen to me now?
Alex: Have you ever been to America?
Isabella: No
Alex: Would you like to see it?
Isabella: With you?
Alex: Yeah, with me.

Shelby: Alex, can I give you some advice.
Alex: Sure.
Shelby: This, truly loving someone, is worth everything. You've always run from it, but as your best friend, I am telling you, stop running.

I'm thinking about when we all first met at Quantico. We were such kids. None of us knew who we were yet. We thought we did, but we didn't. And nothing turned out the way we expected.


Harry: I guess what you're really thinking about is what happens now between you and Alex.
Mike: I'm not thinking about that.

The Art of War is over, Devlin, and you lost.


My name is Alex Parrish, and I swear to you, I'm going to bring your daughter home. I promise.


Ryan: They're civilians. My life isn't worth more than theirs.
Shelby: Your life is worth everything to me.

Shelby: What's our plan?
Alex: We kill him.

Andrea: Your job is hunting demons.
Alex: Yes.
Andrea: And how long can you hunt demons before you turn into one yourself?

If you ever had a child of your own, you'd understand.


Jocelyn: You memorized the entire book?
Alex: Know your enemy like you know yourself. Chapter three.

Mike: You don't have to push people away.
Alex: Everyone who comes close to me gets hurt. I'm just giving you a chance to avoid being one of them.

Quantico Quotes

Alex: You're not my type.
Ryan: Said to the man you just had sex with.

The last night of freedom for us both.