CSI: Cyber - Canceled After Two Seasons

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Once the most watched television franchise in the world, our screens will soon be dark of any CSI.

CBS has chosen not to renew CSI: Cyber.

Cyber Cancel

The cancelation is not a surprise, but even though the show could have and should have been better, it's cancelation isn't welcome.

CSI burst onto the scene in 2000 at a time when crime scene analysis was really exciting. Before everyone was doing it.

They set the bar and raised for for all those who came after with great teams and interesting cases.

Who among us isn't certain we can either solve a case or get away with murder due to lessons learned while watching CSI?

CSI had two successful spinoffs in CSI: Miami and CSI: New York, both of which can be seen in syndication and both of which didn't last as long as the mothership, CSI.

CSI itself went through many changes before going off the air for good with a farewell movie in 2015.

The movie wrapped up loose ends and set the stage for CSI: Cyber to take over. 

Already struggling in the ratings, the hope was to give Oscar-winner lead Patricia Arquette a leg up by adding three-year CSI vet Ted Danson to the mix. 

That would be a way to keep the new viewers who had interest in cyber crimes, Arquette and Dawson's Creek alum James Van Der Beek, as well as giving the fans of the original series somewhere to go.

Cyber moved from its original time slot, which it had taken from CSI, and moved into CSI's final resting place on Sundays.

And still with the struggling.

That's not to say Cyber wasn't profitable, because it was. 

It was a CBS owned property and did well internationally. But a 1.0 rating (steady) and about 6.5 million viewers was low for the network.

Maybe Cyber crime just isn't interesting enough when you line it up against traditional gore. We're a more guts and gore kind of nation.

Until Cyber crime happens to us, that is. Then we might like to know how to solve those cases just as much as solve a murder.

When you're identity is stolen or your computer is locked by a foreign entity demanding a ransom for the password, are you going to wish you watch CSI: Cyber?

Do you hope another CSI show pops up in the future? What would you like to see? Or, will you just watch it from the good old days in syndication?

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