Days of Our Lives Round Table: Aiden's Back?!?

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Summer killed a man, the flu drove Salem residents to the hospital and Aiden turned up in Hope’s living room on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andyroo from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Aiden’s return, Brady’s hero complex and who might die from the Salem flu.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are you happy Aiden has returned?

Jack: YES!!! I'm beyond excited. I can't stand the contrived Hope/Rafe relationship and I never got over the way they totally ruined Aiden's character for no good reason. They'd better redeem his character with whatever they've come up with to explain how he returned, though. If they brought him back to further destroy him I'm going to be very upset.

Andy: I don't know how to feel about Aiden returning. I liked Aiden until they ruined his character in favor of a Bope reunion. Then they ruined his son's character for no reason. Now he's back from the dead? I feel like Aiden is the poster child for the revolving writer's room door, and I don't have the energy to care. Maybe they'll prove me wrong.

Christine: No. I liked Aiden but I’m so done with this story. And when do we get to the, “Oh, by the way, your son raped my daughter” conversation? Ugh. I actually like Hope and Rafe together. They’re a good match and I’m happy to move on with them. 

A Romantic Night - Days of Our Lives

What were you happier to see this week: a Paul sighting, an Anne sighting, or Summer kill a man?

Jack: Anne! I've missed her a lot, and I'm not a fan of this virus thing. The only good thing about Summer killing someone is maybe she'll go to jail and be off our screens.

Andy: PAUL! He is so severely underused. Pops up once a month, does a photoshoot or gets brainwashed, and then disappears. As a gay fan who was really excited about this show during the WilSon years, it's just frustrating to have all of that representation killed off, written out, or only used as a glorified prop.

Christine: Anne. She and Theresa are such fun. I agree with Andy about Paul. What they’ve done, or failed to do, with his character is really disappointing. As for Summer, I only hope that her killing has her leaving Salem for good. 

Gabi, Ari, and Paul all have the flu. If one of them has to die, which character would you choose?

Jack: Ugh, none of the above? LOL. If anyone has to die of the flu, can't it be the obnoxious Dr. Fynn? Of these three I guess I'd choose Paul, because I don't want to see JJ lose another girlfriend to death and the possibility of losing little Ari is not something I even want to discuss.

Andy: None of the above? Those are honestly three of my favorite characters right now, so I would be very disappointed to lose any of them. Ari would probably be the saddest, but also the least missed since she's still so young. But if they're never going to give Paul a story, he'd make the most sense to go.

Christine: Paul, not because I don’t like him but because the actor is being done a major disservice in this role. If they kill off Ari or Gabi I’ll be really ticked off. I’m with Jack, maybe Dr. Fynn can die…or better yet, Summer!

Was Kayla wrong to not tell Steve that Joey was arrested?

Jack: This is yet another stupid thing Kayla has done recently. Steve is Joey's father, and even if Kayla is done with Steve they still need to co-parent their dimwitted son. Keeping major news about a teenager from his father when the father is not in any way abusive to the kid is totally wrong IMO.

Andy: Yeah, Steve had a right to know that his son was arrested. Regardless of what Steve and Kayla are going through with each other, they're still both Joey's parents. They need to present a united front when it comes to parenting him, or else they're both going to lose him.

Christine: It’s unanimous. Steve should have been told immediately! No matter how Kayla feels about Steve, keeping this information from him was all kinds of wrong. 

Is Theresa right, does Brady have a hero complex?

Jack: Nope, that was Daniel and I refuse to believe that Brady has turned into him because of his heart. Besides, Brady never tried to save Kristen or Theresa. He just believed in them when he shouldn't have and refused to consider the possibility that they were less than forthright with him, then got terribly disappointed when his world crashed down around him. He's doing the same thing with Summer, with the added bonus that he's putting her ahead of his fiancee and then accusing Theresa of being insecure when she calls him on it.

Andy: Absolutely. Theresa was dead on about Brady and his never-ending need to save women. Nicole, Chloe, Melanie, Madison, Kristen, Theresa, Summer...I'm sure I'm missing others. And I agree with her that he should have consulted with her before shelling out $50k (to a known con artist and practical stranger no less) now that they are engaged, raising a child, and in business together. Show your fiancé some respect.

Christine: I think Brady both has a hero complex and he’s just not all that bright. It makes me crazy when he tries to make it sound like it’s all Theresa’s fault. When a con artist tells you they need $50K, you are being conned! The only upside is that Theresa has some great lines in this, like when she describes Summer to Tate as “Surfer girl with the whistle that only daddy can hear.” 

Hero Complex - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I would have liked to have seen JJ take a more active role in the Hernandez lunch. They might as well have written it that he didn't feel comfortable coming because he had virtually no lines and just calmly left when things got dramatic. The JJ I know and love is not shy, quiet or meek and there were too many missed opportunities for him to shine in these scenes. Also, Abigail's therapist was so horribly incompetent that it made her scenes virtually unwatchable. Honorable mentions: I'm tired of these hide-the-body stories and also, I'd rather Theresa and Brady argue over whether or not to invite Kim and Shane to the wedding, not stupid Summer.

Andy: All the screen time Summer had.

Christine: Summer being a part of three storylines: Dario’s, Brady and Theresa’s, and Victor and Maggie’s, although I loved it when Victor quipped, “I think the presence of a neurotic drifter will only enhance our suburban townhouse fun.” Now she’s a murdering neurotic drifter. Even better. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Jack: I was so glad JJ mentioned that he still misses Jack. I also loved all the family scenes this week. John/Marlena/Paul and the Hernandez family scenes were great!

Andy: Abby's scenes at the hospital were great. It's nice to see some real follow through when a character experiences something so traumatic. Seeing more of JJ and Gabi's growing relationship was good too.

Christine: I really enjoyed the Hernandez family lunch. Other than Dario, I like the entire family, which is odd because I wasn’t a fan for a long time. A. Martinez as Eduardo and it’s great that Rafe has a real family to finally play off of. 

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