Game of Thrones Round Table: Hold The Door!

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Poor Hodor!

That's the feeling we all had at the end of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 - and we doubt we were alone.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Caralynn Lippo and Paul Dailly discuss Hodor's death, Bran's next move and Arya's drama.

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React to Hodor's death!

Jim: Hoooooooooooooooooodoooooooooor!    

Caralynn: Hahaha, Jim. But seriously!! Heartbreaking. Utterly heartbreaking and tragic and shocking. Maybe I'm an idiot but I didn't see that coming at all.

Paul: It was honestly the most shocking death yet and I couldn’t help but shed a small tear. Poor Hodor!  

What will Bran and Meera do next?

Jim: They should either freeze to death or starve. They are north of the wall, no food, no protective closing, with Meera dragging 200lbs of Bran through a blizzard.... But, I suspect they wont, but I can't imagine it will end well.

Caralynn: Yeah, I don't know how they can possibly make it far. Meera can't possibly carry Bran, and Bran can't walk. They will probably run into someone who will help them. Otherwise, they literally can't go anywhere. And I don't see Meera up and leaving Bran on his own, at this point.

Paul: I agree. I just don’t see how this one is going to play out, but I couldn’t be more excited!  


Are you liking Arya's storyline this year?

Jim: A man does not like or dislike a girl's storyline, a man simply watches it.    

Caralynn: I like it mostly because I really want to see where she winds up. I assume she'll wind up back with her family (she must, right?) but I have no idea how she'll get from Point A to Point B. If it was just her indefinitely with the Faceless Men, I wouldn't be too keen on it. Because I sense there's an end point, I'm still interested.

Paul: I hated it last year because it was pretty slow, but this year it’s so much more intriguing.  

What did you think of Sansa's meeting with Lord Baelish?

Jim: She should have had Brienne cut his throat. Little Finger has been behind some of the words tragedies in her life.    

Caralynn: Second best scene of the episode (after the Hodor sequence at the very end). Sansa had an absolutely horrendous, unbearable to watch storyline last season, so I've really enjoyed seeing her character arc this season.

She's taken charge and is standing up for herself in a way she wasn't able to previously. I love it. I love that she called Baelish out on his part in her suffering. I especially loved how legitimately guilty and distressed he looked hearing it. He deserves to feel that way.

Paul: I agree with Caralynn on this one. Lord Baelish is nothing but a vile opportunist. I wish Brienne had ended him for good. He’s going to stab Sansa in the back again.  

Will Euron be waiting long for 1000 boats?

Jim: Lets assume that they can build boats as fast as the master boatwrights Henry IV had. It took them approximately 40 days per boat from beginning the boat to launching it. Further, lets assume that they have enough men, women,and children available to build 4 boats at a time at that speed.

Building 1000 boats would take them roughly 27 years to finish. Soooo yeah, Euron is going to be waiting a while for his boats, unless he wants driftwood rafts as boats. 

Caralynn: This guy seems like a total useless doofus, so I don't think they'll even get very far. I don't know anything about boat building but it does seem very unlikely that they can build boats all that quickly.

Paul: I laughed out loud at him telling his men to make the boats. Is he going in about 100 years?!

What did you think of this crazy episode? What's coming next? Hit the comments!

Here's your first look at Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6:

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