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Theon makes a lot of good points for Yara becoming the new ruler, but the people don't take too kindly to the notion of her becoming a big player in the land.

Euron returns just as they are swayed by Theon and reveals that he killed his brother and that he should be king. 

He makes a lot of reasons for why and is named king. This leads Theon and Yara to run for their lives as he prepares to execute them. 

They escape with the best boats and Euron tasks the remaining people with building one thousand boats to take over the world. 

Sansa met up with Lord Baelish and schooled him on what his decision meant for her. He tried to get back in her good graces, but she didn't have any of it and sent him packing. 

Daenerys finds out about Ser Jorah's condition and demands that he finds a cure and returns to her. They both have a tearful goodbye as he sets off on his quest. 

Arya is sent on her mission from the house of black and white and his forced to watch a play of her family's death, but didn't complete her mission. 

Bran does the time warp again with the raven, but things took a horrible turn when he was touched and the white walkers found out where they were hiding. 

It didn't take them long to show up and a massive fight ensued. This lead to the demise of the Children of the Forest, the Raven, Hodor and Bran's dire wolf. 

We also found out that Hodor's name came from him having a premonition of his death, screaming "Hold the door."


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