Person of Interest Review: Secret Codes, Outbreaks and Shaw's Fate

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Three episodes in one week?

Person of Interest Season 5 is really speeding things up in its final chapter.

And while it was fun to get to watch back-to-back adventures with the POI team, Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 7 and Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 8 could have easily been separated as well.

These two hours weren’t some super two-parter, but they did further highlight the lengths that Samaritan is willing to go… and death is usually involved.

Trapped - Person of Interest

It’s such an interesting concept that Samaritan believes it is doing what it thinks is right, and that means controlling outcomes and killing off people it sees as threats.

What a major manipulation in trying to start an outbreak, and trying to kill off a few medical personal questioning the health care system, all so it could ultimately collect people’s DNA.

Is it going to try and wipe out even more people in the name of “saving” them? Is it all about some greater “good”?

It’s such a sharp contrast to the Machine talking about people exercising free will. The Machine was able to reveal that the radio host was in danger and Reese and Root were there to help, but they couldn’t stop him from trying to tell the truth after everything was said and done.

And sure, it ultimately led to his death, but he had the choice in deciding whether or not to say something.

The two artificial intelligences are clearly powerful, but their methods are very different.

But it makes me wonder what would need to be done to the Machine so it could even hope to take down Samaritan. It’s simulation victories still remain at zero.

Perhaps Shaw returning to the team might help sway things?

I mean, she did actually escape, right?

The whole messing with her mind and the thousands of simulations clearly took a toll on Shaw, even getting to the tragic point where she couldn’t actually tell what was real or not.

I totally understood the struggle Shaw continued to go through, especially in realizing she had been set up to carry out a hit on the scientist. She totally believed it was another simulation, and again, she also got to the point where she was willing to kill herself to stop it all.

So it was great that Root managed to get a message to Shaw, to give her some sense of hope, and what ultimately spurred her into finally escaping the facility.

Bet that one Samaritan agent wasn’t expecting Shaw to shoot him, was he?

But will Shaw be OK, or should we expect her concept of reality to still be a bit muddled?

We also didn’t see Greer, so who’s to say that he didn’t eventually want her to escape anyway. Shaw won’t lead him back to the team, will she?

I’m just glad that story of being captured seems to have wrapped up.

Root Goes Undercover - Person of Interest

However, as Shaw seems ready to return, Fusco is on his way out.

Fusco managed to have some minor moments, but they consisted of him having to work on his own and getting told multiple times that being kept in the dark is for his own good.

He had to walk away from Finch in the hospital, essentially quitting working with the POI team, and then walk away from Reese at work, quitting on his partner and getting reassigned.

I just wanted one of them to finally tell him the truth, but both Reese and Finch remained mum.

It is interesting though that Elias has been kept rather in the dark as well, but I liked him letting Finch know that he shouldn’t be doing so. This big final war that they are in is going to need all the help they can get.

I’m glad Fusco has stuck to his guns on the subject of the big secret, but I’m hoping that doesn’t lead him to an early grave.

I’m still not sold on the new Samaritan asset, Jeff, but he at least provides a window into Samaritan’s operations that aren’t simulations. And I like that he at least has some questions, rather than just being like the typical assets that often seem like robots in carrying out their tasks.

After his hospital mission, what’s next for his character? Might he defect from the Samaritan team to help the POI team?

"QSO" and "Reassortment" were solid episodes, and it's clear that things are ramping up to what should be a intense conclusion.

Are you excited Shaw finally escaped? Should Fusco know the truth? Sound off below, and watch Person of Interest online right now!

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