Watch Orphan Black Online: Season 4 Episode 4

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Did Sarah make the right decision?

OnĀ Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 4, Sarah made an alliance with a former enemy in hopes of getting to the head of Neolution.

Meanwhile on this twisted drama, Alison ordered Felix to invade a Neolution fertility clinic, but why?

Also, Susan Duncan left Rachel to make a devastating decision about her future, but did she make the one that would benefit her most?

Use the video above to watch Orphan Black online to get up to speed with the latest drama.

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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Sarah: And what is it you want?
Mrs. S: What he wants is to rescue Rachel.
Ferdinand: What can I say? She pierced this armored heart.

Look, Nikki. Another puzzle piece. See, Nikki, we're getting closer? Never forget.