Days of Our Lives Round Table: Choose the Worst Story!

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Ciara ran into chase at Shady Brook while Abigail plotted her escape and Andre ended up a free man again in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the most contrived storyline, Chloe and Deimos having sex, and how they rate the Rafe/Hope/Aiden love triangle on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Which was the most contrived situation this week:  Ciara running into Chase at Shady Hills, the random thug confessing to Stefano's murder, Jennifer and Chad switching positions on what to do with Abby, or John's sudden hatred of Theresa?

Jack: All of these were pretty contrived. I particularly hated Ciara/Chase, because I don't believe Ciara has any talent or interest in being a therapist whatsoever and surely new volunteers aren't assigned the duty of wandering randomly around the hospital running into patients. And Marlena must have known something like this could happen despite her protests to the contrary.

Mikey: Absolutely nothing could be as weird as Monahan confessing to Stefano’s murder to get Andre off the hook. I’m assuming Aiden pulled this together, but regardless: where do they find these people? Why are they willing to give up their entire lives just to help out the DiMeras? I had the same issue with the Aiden doppelgänger — who was this person who was willing to have complete plastic surgery, commit a murder, and be killed all to fulfill Andre’s demented plan? I doubt they’ll even bother explaining it, but it’s beyond insane.

Christine: Can I only pick one? They’re really all bad but the guy confessing to murder just to get Andre out of prison was the most eye roll worthy of all of them. I’m not sure if I’m annoyed at how quick it all happened or grateful that this ridiculous plot point didn’t drag on any longer than it absolutely had to. 

Were you surprised, disappointed, disgusted, or pleased that Chloe and Deimos had sex?

Jack: I was pretty disappointed. I thought Chloe was showing more maturity these days and was putting Parker first, then all of a sudden she has sex with a guy who she knows has been lying to her for months and could be getting close to her or her son for nefarious purposes.

Mikey: A little of all of them? I actually think the two actors have a good chemistry, and Chloe seems saner and more tolerable this go-round, but I have no idea why she’s trusting in anything Deimos says after he admitted that he lied to her when they first met. She shouldn’t even have him in her home, let alone be having sex with him!

Christine: I agree with all of the above. The actors have great chemistry but this storyline makes Chloe look like an idiot. 

Deimos and Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Ciara was right to take the job at Shady Hills?

Jack: If I were invested in Ciara's story I probably would have cheered her on for not being afraid, but as it was my reaction was, great, more stupid drama on its way from this annoying character.  Anyway, if she's truly interested in being a therapist she should ask to be transferred elsewhere so she can focus on learning what she needs to learn without being distracted by her rapist's presence.

Mikey: Enh. I don’t think she was wrong to. I think it’s stupid that the hospital would want a volunteer who was convicted of a crime like a week ago, but I can understand the perspective of a rape victim not wanting to pass up opportunities because of the rapist’s presence. It’s taking back the power, in a way.

Christine: I guess what bothers me the most is the actress’ wooden performance. It makes this story even more difficult to watch. 

What connection, if any, do you think Andre has to Shady Hills?

Jack: I'm hoping that the hospital is a front for recruiting new Dimera pawns and henchmen. I feel like there has to be some connection there if Andre knows so much, and that would be a classic Dimera thing to do.

Mikey: Hmm. Knowing this show, he probably owns it! Although I’d prefer if his connection were that he was a patient there.

Christine: Don’t evil Dimera’s just know everything? I’ll be surprised if we even get an explanation. 

Rate this Rafe/Hope/Aiden triangle from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning horrible and 10 meaning amazing.

Jack: About a 2. I'm enjoying having Aiden on my screen even though I know it's all character assassinating BS, but what pleasure I'm getting from it is ruined by the horrible writing and repetitive storyline. The whole story is written to imply Hope is a weak, stupid woman who needs Rafe's protection and I don't appreciate that, nor does it make me support Hope/Rafe in any way, shape, or form.

Mikey: 2? I’ve seen worse, because at least both potential pairings have chemistry, but it makes no sense. Hope should not even be considering giving Aiden a second chance at this point. She knows he lied to her, and someone who looks like him tried to kill her. That should be traumatizing! And his son raped her daughter. It’s just a bizarre choice that I can’t invest in because it makes so little sense. I’m not crazy about the way they were cramming Hope/Rafe down our throats, but at least it was plausible that those two people would connect.

Christine: Ugh. Maybe a 3, and that’s only because all of the actors involved are so talented. Hope going back to Aiden, after all of the lies, betrayals, and her daughter’s rape, is just ludicrous and makes her look foolish. I like Rafe and Hope together but I do feel as though their relationship has been rushed since Bo’s death. Can’t we see Hope on her own for a while?

What, if anything, disappointed you this week?

Jack: All the Aiden nonsense and Chloe sleeping with Deimos. To a lesser degree, I was annoyed by how incompetent Dr. Robinson is. No wonder Abby ran away! Who needs therapy at a place where the therapist just walks away at a pivotal moment?

Mikey: Chloe sleeping with Deimos after learning what she knows about him was pretty bad. Why is she so stupid?!

Christine: There was a lot! But Victor and John both jumping on the let’s hate Theresa bandwagon was really annoying given how much she’s grown. 

Abigail Tries to Escape - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week?

Jack: I loved Chad standing up to Andre! It almost made up for the ridiculous way Andre got out of jail. Nicole and Kate's conversation held my interest too.

Mikey: I enjoyed Lucas’s proposal and Adrienne accepting it. It wasn’t even anything dynamic, but it was just nice to see two actors and character I enjoy getting to be happy in the midst of all the absolute misery and ridiculousness. It was also genuinely nice to see Matthew Ashford onscreen again as Jack, however fleeting it was.

Christine: I liked that Abigail believed that Jack saved her from the fire. Anything that has Mathew Ashford back on my screen makes me happy!

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! Which was the worst story this week in Salem?

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