9 Terrible Plot Twists We Didn't Need

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Some plot twists can be fantastic on TV. They can leave you talking about the twist for days on end.

Then there's the ones that leave us wondering why we even give the show the time of day. 

We've compiled a list of the nine worst twists this spring.

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1. Supernatural - Connection to The Darkness

Supernatural - Connection to The Darkness
Dean and the Darkness are connected. The story that really went nowhere and served no purpose whatsoever.

2. Nashville - Lyla's Vendetta Against Juliette

Nashville - Lyla's Vendetta Against Juliette
Layla returning from her own time away with a vendetta against Juliette. It was earned, after all she was partially responsible for Jeff's death, but her manipulation of Avery to steal Juliette's man was just so poorly written and thought out, it was very messy and made Layla look weaker than she had when she'd left.

3. Castle - A Double Shooting

Castle - A Double Shooting
It took all of Castle Season 8 to finally get to any type of explanation about LokSat. That the head of the Greater Detective Society was also the head of this monstrous conspiracy was just silliness. Then Castle doubled down on the preposterously dark story twist by having Caleb Brown magically appear in the Castle loft and shoot both Rick and Kate because he claimed they’d never let it go…despite the fact that they were convinced he was dead. It wasn’t a shocking twist as much as a groan worthy moment that made this lame series finale even more disappointing.

4. Arrow - Temporary Paralysis

Arrow - Temporary Paralysis
Felicity getting shot and temporarily paralyzed. Was that really necessary? Did it really do anything for the bigger picture, other than make fans aggrevated?

5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Self-Loathing Alcoholic

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Self-Loathing Alcoholic
Greg is a self-loathing alcoholic who ruins everything. We wanted so many good things for Greg (and for his relationship with Rebecca), so we were so disappointed when he chose not to break his own patterns and throw everything away.

6. Grey's Anatomy - A Hidden Marriage

Grey's Anatomy - A Hidden Marriage
It was so obvious as soon as Jo said no to Alex's proposal that she was already married. Honestly, who didn't see that coming?

7. Once Upon A Time - Another Dark One

Once Upon A Time - Another Dark One
Hook is a Dark One. After enduring nearly half a season of Emma as the Dark One, and not totally understanding her serious need to fix things without telling anyone exactly why, we discovered that it was because Killian was also a Dark One. We had just one question - why?

8. The Vampire Diaries - The Armory

The Vampire Diaries - The Armory
Anything and everything involving the Armory. This storyline did nothing but take an interesting concept and drive it into the ground, taking our favorite characters with it.

9. The Flash - Another Voyage Back in Time

The Flash - Another Voyage Back in Time
Barry going back in time to change the past and prevent Eobard Thawne from murdering his mother, because he couldn't handle having lost his father by Zoom's hands. He changed the entire timeline, which means none of the characters will be the same in Season 3, but the worst part is that Barry already revisited this moment in The Flash Season 1 Finale, where he chose not to save his mother because of the consequences. Should've left it at that, we didn't need to visit that moment. Again. For like the 50th time.

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