Mr. Robot Season 2: Expanded, Longer Premiere & Aftershow Announced!

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Mr. Robot returns to USA in just under one month and we couldn't be more excited. 

Mr. Robot Season 2 was previously announced to span 10-episodes, but that's no longer the case. 

Mr. Robot Elliot

An additional two episodes have been tacked on, so we're now looking at a 12-episode sophomore run for the show. 

Also, the premiere has been pumped up to two back-to-back episodes with limited commercial interruption. 

Great news, right?!

USA Network is no doubt rewarding the series for the constant recognition it keeps getting the network.

Every single time you hear about TV Show awards these days, they almost always includes Mr. Robot winning something. 

The show is THAT good. 

It's one of the best shows on all of television and we can't wait for it to return. 

We only hope that the momentum will continue into the new season. 

It would suck if Mr. Robot became the latest show to suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump. 

Aside from a longer premiere and bigger season, USA has also confirmed that a live after show will debut right after the premiere. 

Hacking Robot will be the name of it. 

It will be a behind the scenes look at the show and it will be totally live. 

You can expect cast and crew to be on board to speak about the crazy developments of the first two episodes. 

It's unclear whether Hacking Robot is a one time thing, or if it will run throughout the season.

Either way, we'll be watching. 

What do you think about all of this new Mr. Robot news? 

Hit the comments. 

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