NCIS Season 14: Wilmer Valderrama Joins as Series Regular

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Can Wilmer Valderrama help fill the void left behind on NCIS by Michael Weatherly's departure?

He's sure going to try!

Valderrama has been cast as a series regular for NCIS Season 14

Wilmer NCIS

Valderrama's character, who doesn't appear to have a name as of yet, will be a once grounded NCIS field agent who accepted a deep cover assignment years ago and never resurfaced.

Many agents don’t know he’s still on the job or that he’s even alive.

Now, he’s back and his dedication to job and country has left him an unpredictable, charismatic loose cannon. have to wonder how an unpredictable (even if charismatic) loose cannon would really fit in with the NCIS team we know and love. 

Maybe he won't. Just because he's a series regular doesn't mean he's going to be a part of Gibbs' team.

At least not right away. With so many rules to follow, maybe he'll be joining the team rather slowly!

“Wilmer Valderrama will be able to flex his dramatic, physical and comedic talents in this classic NCIS role,” said executive producer Gary Glasberg.

“Fans are going to see him like they’ve never seen him before. This is going to be fun. We’re thrilled he’s coming aboard.”

Valderrama fans recently saw him sweep the ladies off their feet on Grey's Anatomy before he died (boo), and prior to that in the same season, he was a cranky agent on Minority Report.

While Valderrama's resume is extensive, it's still hard to forget him as the lovable Fez from That 70s Show. 

Even so, it doesn't sound like he'll be bringing a lot of goofy humor to his new role. 

Crazy humor, perhaps, and he manipulates that loose cannon?

Alright NCIS fans, what are your thoughts on this casting announcement?

How do you think this unnamed character will fit into the ongoing storyline?

How will Valderrama fit into the cast as a whole? Are you ready to welcome him aboard and check out what he can offer?

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