Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Synecdoche

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Wait. There’s another team?!?

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 11 pulled off a pretty clever twist in revealing that there’s more than just Reese, Finch, Fusco and Shaw getting numbers and fighting the good fight.

And who knows how many other teams might even be out there?

Staying Ahead - Person of Interest

Bringing back former numbers to make up this team was a great idea, especially because their new calling of working for the Machine and doing good echoes what happened to the characters on the main POI team.

The Machine has been able to play a part in turning their lives around and finding some redemption.

I did think that perhaps Logan Pierce, who first appeared on Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 14, would wind up being the bad guy with his return. His tech qualifications and the focus on an enemy keyed up about mass surveillance certainly made him suspect.

But I’m glad that he wasn’t, instead putting his skills to good use. And I loved his comments about it being clear that Reese was the victim and not the perpetrator, thus taking some of the fun out of his mission.

He’s still got that quirky attitude, even in embracing his new calling.

Though, I was glad that there was a bit of exposition dialogue about Joey Durban’s past, because I didn’t immediately recognize him. Granted, he was last seen on Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 3, so I think that could be understandable.

And even when Joey helped save Reese and Shaw, and Harper Rose helped save Fusco, I was still trying to figure out what they heck they were all doing there beyond just pure coincidence.

It certainly made the reveal a perfect way to end the episode, and with such a fantastic visual setting in D.C.

There also was that reinforced sense that even with the numbers continuing to come, there are others out there who can take up the task, especially while the varsity team takes on Samaritan.

The case of the week was fine, but I guess I expected someone more prominent to be behind the attacks.

That said, I was interested in what was going on and trying to figure out who was behind the attacks.

I also really liked how we got to see how some of the characters were moving forward after such a major death with Root on Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 10.

Shaw was an important one because of her relationship to Root, and it was good to see that even though she didn’t show it outwardly, she was grieving. Reese certainly knew it.

It was also good to see both Reese and Fusco showing their concern for her as well.

But that scene where she was going to torture the one captive, expressing her anger that he had someone he could still love provided those bursts of emotion despite her saying she doesn’t feel anything. Root clearly was affected, but she was just grieving in her own way.

Then there was Finch, who has gone rogue to get a virus that could defeat Samaritan, though it could cause devastating consequences if used.

He’s tapping into a darker side, and it was pretty chilling when he faced off against the one soldier and offered him the two choices for his daughter. Root’s death has flipped a switch in Finch, and while he still hasn’t completely unleashed the Machine, he’s taking very different measures then he ever has before.

And I’m sure it was very strange to listen to Root in his ear, even though it was actually the Machine. You could tell he misses her, and the further along he got on his journey, the more comfortable he got with the voice the Machine has chosen.

It’s too bad that Root couldn’t get some big funeral scene, but in this war, it’s just not possible. But that doesn't mean on any level that she's been forgotten.

This was a surprisingly case of the week type episode, considering how close we are to the end of the series, but Person of Interest was able to blend the focus on the number and some larger story aspects to keep me invested enough and entertained.

I certainly enjoyed finding out that the ranks of the POI team aren’t so small anymore, but I am eager to dive into this final battle and see just how it will all end for Finch, Reese, Shaw, Fusco and the Machine.

What did you think of the new team? What do you think of Finch's new tactics? Sound off below, and make sure to watch Person of Interest online before the finale.

NOTE: Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 12, ".Exe," airs June 14 at 10 p.m.

Synecdoche Review

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