Grimm: NBC Series to End After Sixth and Final Season!

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It seems unlikely there is anything in the apothecary that can fix this one.

NBC announced today Grimm Season 6 would be its last.

This is hardly unexpected news, even if it is not the news any Grimm fans want to hear.

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While it's been said that tightening up a season of a genre show can give it more focus and leaves less room for filler episodes that sometimes wander aimlessly throughout a season, Grimm has never really been a great offender in that area.

In recent seasons, their storylines have been well focused and even cases of the week seemed to tie into the overall arcs.

That's why the news came as a bit of a shock that Grimm Season 6 was not only being held for a January premiere but would only consist of 13 episodes.

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But once the shock of that wore off, the reality set in. Grimm could be coming to an end.

And today, the official announcement came. Grimm is at the end of it's magical, fairytale road. 

There are two dramas already planned for release on NBC that have no scheduled airdate, and likely more in the initial stages.

Midnight Texas and Taken will air in the place of something that doesn't survive the full season. Emerald City is premiering with Grimm Season 6 on January 6.

That will be two genre shows (Midnight Texas and Emerald Texas), so it's possible NBC thought they had grown the Grimm audience as far as it could be expanded and decided to let it go out on a high.

Grimm stars David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner, Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby and Reggie Lee.

It's the second longest series NBC has on the air after Law & Order: SVU, which has been on for an amazing 17 years. 

The final episodes of Grimm are expected to be focused on a battle between Nick and Renard. They've been many things throughout the seasons, and the battle has been a long time coming.

Fans still love Grimm, and other than the obvious less than favorable thoughts about cancellation, views on the series should remain positive. 

Everyone involved has loved working on Grimm as much as we've loved watching it. Who can ask for a better way say goodbye?

If you need to catch up on the series, you can watch Grimm online anytime right here via TV Fanatic. You have time to be all caught up before the biggest scenes arrive!

Will you miss Grimm? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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