12 Creepy Kids Who Make Our Hair Stand on End

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There's nothing worse than watching your favorite television show when a creepy kid shows up on screen to send shivers down your spine.

Kids can be the scariest monsters of all whether they're dead, alive, or somewhere in between. Closing your eyes in hopes they'll disappear will only make them turn your dreams into nightmares. There's no escaping creepy kids.


From demonic possession to upside down heads to simple smiles and sinister stares, check out these 12 kids who make our hair stand on end!

1. Katie - Supernatural

Katie - Supernatural
When mom starts to get the heebie jeebies about her own kid, you know there’s something seriously wrong. What’s worse is when mom tries to drown the girl by driving her car into the lake only to come home and find the drenched child sitting at the kitchen table. No, Dana, the kid is definitely not alright.

2. Joshua - Outcast

Joshua - Outcast
There’s nothing scarier than a kid possessed by a demon, unless it’s a kid possessed by a demon who tries to suck the life force out of you. Even after the demon was exorcised from his body, we still can’t get Joshua's contorted body or evil eyes out of our head.

3. Holden - American Horror Story: Hotel

Holden - American Horror Story: Hotel
This is one kid we wouldn’t want to be caught dead with. His white hair, pasty face, and blank stare sends chills down our spine, but it was his feeding on the family dog that sent us screaming in terror.

4. Emma - The Strain

Emma - The Strain
Emma used to be a normal kid, but she turned into quite the monster when she was infected by the Master. Not only did she suck the life force out of her dad, she fed on the whole neighborhood until she was cut down.

5. Lilith - Supernatural

Lilith - Supernatural
Lilith took several incarnations, but this little girl was the creepiest of them all. Even though she possessed a child to get her bidding done, she was one up on any other demon-type possessions. There was no levitation here, only torture and murder. Not only did she snap her "grandfather’s" neck with a flick of her hand, she forced her "family" to celebrate her birthday over and over and over again.

6. Victor - The Returned

Victor - The Returned
Victor was a mind-controlling freak whose claim to fame was his unnerving silence, his dead stare, and his sinister smile. No wonder this kid gives us nightmares!

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