Janet Montgomery to Recur on This is Us

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Something witchy this way comes.

That's not the way the saying goes, is it? Well, it works here, because Janet Mongtomery, best known on TV these days as Mary Sibley on WGN's Salem, is joining the upcoming NBC drama series, This is Us.

Janet Montgomery This is Us

This is Us is the highly anticipated series starring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley and Jill Johnson about people who share the same birthday and the intersection of their lives.

Montgomery will play a talented and sharp tongued theater actress named Erin Maine who gets involved with Kevin (Hartley). The role is recurring.

She's an alluring and intense love interest for the sitcom actor “whose fierce commitment to ‘honesty’ sucks poor Kevin into her darkness.

Yikes. It sure sounds like Kevin has a soft and open heart, which might get squashed by the fierce and quick witted Erin. 

I'm sure you've heard this a kajillion times before, almost as many as the above trailer has been played. 

It was somewhat of a phenomenon when it hit the internet. Within days, the number of viewings skyrocketed to near blockbuster movie status (or more).

Whether it was Milo's naked behind or the Pittsburgh Steelers' Terrible Towel thrown carelessly over his nude lap featured prominently in the tailer, we'll never know.

No, I'll give no credence to the brilliant ensemble cast, the obvious emotional resonance This is Us will bring to its viewers or any other of a dozen great things about the trailer. 

It must have been Milo, partial nudity and the representation of Pittsburgh in all of its glory.

See? If you hadn't already watched, I bet you're pressing play now.

Other cast members who have joined in recent weeks (and will therefore not be seen in the trailer) are Jon Huertas as the best friend of Milo's character, Brad Garrett as the president of the network where Kevin's show airs and Katey Sagal as Kevin's agent.

There's a lot of Kevin action for those of you Justin Hartley fans hoping he might be around full time on both This is Us and The Young and the Restless. It might not be doable, you guys.

Speaking of being busy, Janet Montgomery will have two shows airing at once, as well. 

Salem's third season will begin airing on November 2, the week of Halloween, of course. Mary Sibley was dead the last we saw her, however. Maybe she's staying that way and Montgomery needed a new job. Gasp! 

I'll zip my mouth shut now.

Make sure you tune into the premiere of This is Us on NBC Tuesday, September 20 on NBC.

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