The Fosters Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Girl Code

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Well, clearly, bitches really do get things done!

Mariana carried her Robotics team to a victory. Callie may have found the smoking gun that can free her former foster brother, and Stef made a few discoveries of her own as it related to the case.

The Adams-Foster women were unstoppable forces!

The hour was packed with girl power, heart to hearts, and revelations as the storylines finally picked up the pace. There are only two episodes left in the season. If The Fosters Season 4 Episode 8 is any indicator, we're in store for an emotional season finale!

Not only is the Mariana S.T.E.A.M. storyline a welcome reprieve from the harrowing Nick plot, it is giving her the chance to show off just how badass she is! Granted she's a tad over-competitive.

It doesn't matter, though, because Mariana has never been more in her element as she is heading the Robotics team. 

Yeah losing is not an option, understood?


Naturally, the Robotics story was going to start off rocky. It hardly seemed fair that the elite team they were competing against was composed of adults and actual engineers. Why in bloody hell would they be competing against teenagers? 

It was bad enough that the girls (and Jesus) had to deal with the weight being off, the non-working hanger, and the sexism from other teams (and even some of their former teammates) who only showed up to watch them fail. Even the other all-girl team started off antagonistic.

Thankfully that was resolved later, because the "catty" women incapable of working together trope is an insufferable one.

Mariana: Let's show everyone what a group of girls-
Jesus: Hey.
Mariana:-and a couple of boys can do.

I understand why Mariana was a bit on edge. She was snapping at everyone within reach. It paid off in the end when she and the other all girls team won, but everyone was right to call her out on being a drill-sergeant.

The constant snipping at Lena for having the audacity to cheer her on was completely unwarranted. 

Mariana: What's our motto?
Robotics group: Bitches get things done!
Lena: Woohoo go bitches!

Moving on to another determined Foster woman, honestly, what more can be said about Callie? I get that she's a chronic do-gooder, but it's frustrating to watch her disregard what Moms tell her.

It's like reprimands go in one ear and out the other with her.

Aaron: So we're just going to ask him if he painted Mrs.Johnson's curb 4 years ago?
Callie: yeah and see how he reacts.
Aaron: What if he reacts *pauses* poorly.
Callie: Well, there's two of us and one of him. Hopefully.

Callie is just so incomprehensibly reckless! Her heart being in the right place doesn't mean anything if she constantly endangers her life and the lives of anyone associating with her. It was like warnings from the police and Stef fueled her rather than dissuaded her. 

It's so frustrating to watch! I can't imagine what it's like to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I actually felt bad for Aaron tagging along with her and not knowing where their journey would take them. 

Aaron: What do you think?
Callie: I think we should leave the detectiving to the real detectives.

At any point while they were tracking down someone they assumed was a murderer, they could have ended up in a life-threatening situation. By the time they pulled up outside of the suspected killer's home, I was gritting my teeth.

Did Callie really come to her senses when she finally concluded that they should let the actual police handle it? It doesn't feel that way. She always gets reprimanded for this behavior or has these revelations, but she repeats the same behavior.

So it's difficult to believe that she ever learns.

By the season's end, I have no doubt that we'll see Kyle released from prison. I just don't know at what cost. Stef was doing her due diligence investigating the case, too. I'm afraid that it may negatively impact her career.

The scene where Stef interviewed the sexual abuse survivor was so sad. Finding out that the detective was the one behind getting this kid to retract his statement and subsequently letting a child molester go free was just infuriating. This entire case is just infuriating.

The number of victims and people negatively affected by this case keeps growing. I fear that, in a way, Stef might be one of them. She mentioned wanting to get promoted to detective, and something tells me exposing a shady detective will squash her chances.

Please promise baby, that you will not hold back on this audition because you feel like you have an obligation to this girl.


Stef and Brandon heart-to-hearts are easily one of the best things about the series!

Okay, to be fair, anytime the Moms have a heart-to-heart with any of the kids, it's the equivalent of kittens, puppies, and rainbows. So much feel-good goodness! Brandon and Stef's talk, however, was just long overdue!

Thank God they both apologized to each other. With the stress of auditions coming up, and Courtney questioning the state of their relationship, Brandon just really needed his mom. They have always been close and the friction between them hasn't done either of them any favors.

Brandon is finally starting to realize that his relationship with Courtney is just not in his best interest. They are in two totally different places in their lives. He has the audition of a lifetime to focus on and he can't be distracted by Courtney and Mason.

I am shocked that the house sold so fast! 

The Foster house is like its very own character on the series. I don't know about you guys, but I have been in denial about the house being sold. The realtor being so callous about the kids being around and the family pictures made me cringe. Nothing compared to that phone call, though.

The family has mere days to be out of their childhood home! Where are they supposed to go?! How are they going to pack their entire lives up so quickly and just leave? That was such a devastating end to a great episode!

So what did you guys think of the episode?! Did anyone miss Jude or even notice that he was gone? What do you think about Callie's impulsive, reckless behavior? Hit up the comments below!

Don't forget you can watch The Fosters online and catch up before the season finale!

Girl Code Review

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Yeah losing is not an option, understood?


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