Once Upon a Time Round Table: The End of the Savior?

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More Jafar, please?

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1 kicked off with our first glimpses of highly anticipated characters, Jafar and Aladdin.

Once we went back to Storybrooke however, it seemed that while many things have changed, there are also a lot of things that haven't changed at all, as Emma kept the secret of her impending doom from everyone she loves, including Killian.

Will Emma die? Should Gold have tried to trick Belle? Is Zelena going wicked again? We're discussing all of that and more!

TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Caralynn Lippo are joined by Teresa Martin from Once Upon a Fan to break down the season premiere!

David, Regina, and Henry - Once Upon a Time

Do you really think Emma is going to die?

Steve: Yes...and no. I think the writers will concoct something along the lines of Emma being killed and then resurrected, or something along those lines. I really hope that is not that case since it would be a major cop out, and we've seen it too many times before.

Although, it has been stated that a major character will be killed this season, I don't believe it will be Emma. I'll probably get a lot of heat for this, but my prediction is we'll be saying goodbye to Regina this season.

Allison: Maybe her story as the savior will end, but Emma will still be alive. I can't imagine the show without Emma, so I don't think she is going to die. If she does, it won't be permanent, although we just did the trip to the Underworld to save Killian, so hopefully we don't have to do something similar to save Emma.

Teresa: If this question had been asked before the death of Robin Hood, I would have said, "No way!" But we know now that Happy Endings as defined in Season One are no longer endgame. Emma really could die. Though I must say if she does, it would mark the series ending.

Robin: I think Steve is on to something, but given how often they've pulled the return-from-the-dead schtick, I don't know if it would be exactly that. She'll probably die in some symbolic way. Or perhaps a "saviour" is who dies, and she sees herself dying in her vision because that's the only saviour she knows.

Caralynn: Doubtful. If anyone is dying, it will be Rumple. I agree that she may symbolically die, but there is no way that Emma, herself, will remain dead. Unless of course they've decided to end the series this season, and in a very dark way.

How did you feel about Gold tricking Belle in order to wake her up?

Steve: It's typical Rumple. Has he ever done anything without using some form of deception? It is what makes his character so intriguing to watch! Rumple/Gold has always found ways to get what he wants through manipulating others. It's disappointing that time and time again he continues to lie to the woman he loves, but he is the Dark One after all, and will continue to do what he does best.

Allison: I'm not surprised by his actions. He did what he had to in order to get what he wanted. I'm honestly so bored with the Belle and Rumple storylines that I don't really care at all what happens. I did get emotional when the Beauty and the Beast theme song started to play. I'm not an animal.

Teresa: For Gold, having Belle fall in love again via a dream was the only way he knew to wake her and their baby. There are worse ways to save two lives than taking advantage of happy memories. Moreover, Gold is not a fool. He knew he would face the music when Belle woke up. Hence, I was fine with this "trick".

Robin: Holy predictability Batman, did anyone expect anything else from Gold at this point? The only time in quite a while that this couple has been interesting at all is last season when Gold decided to be himself and pointed out Belle's occasional double standards.

Caralynn: Par for the course for Rumple, but I do understand why he did it. He needed to wake Belle up to save her and he did it the only way he knew how. I did like the Morpheus twist and I especially liked that Belle turned down Rumple's reconciliation attempt. He needs some serious redemption before they can reunited yet again. Although I'm inclined to believe his redemption will be in death.

Gold Gets Serious - Once Upon a Time

Will Zelena and the Evil Queen team up, or will Zelena stay loyal to Regina?

Steve: I sure hope Zelena doesn't turn to the dark side again! I couldn't stand Zelena as a villain. She's not much better since turning over a new leaf, but she is at least tolerable now. If anything, I could see Zelena aligning herself with the Evil Queen and then flip flopping back to Regina down the road.

This could result in my theory of Regina being killed this season. Since the Evil Queen is part of Regina, the only way to actually destroy the Evil Queen could be Regina sacrificing herself. BOOM!

Allison: I agree with Steve. I don't enjoy Zelena as a villain, but I do like watching her and Regina try to build a relationship. I'm hoping that Zelena will stay loyal, but considering Zelena thinks she has more in common with the Evil Queen than Regina, I'm expecting to see the two of them hanging out. I hope Zelena doesn't go full on evil again.

Teresa: I'm with Steve too in that there will likely be a temporary siding with the Evil Queen, before a turn back. And who knows? Maybe she will, if Steve's theory comes to fruition, take her sister's place in a sacrifice? Zelena is a very interesting character, and she is truly horrible, but Bex has so much charisma that I enjoy watching her. This would have her going out with an awesome, larger than life, redemptive bang!

Robin: It's no secret that I've disliked Zelena's character since her inception; I've found her insufferable and petulant. However, she's been considerably more interesting since she became a mother, and I think she's much more tolerable when she's balanced with Regina/Evil Queen.

I think she will team with the Evil Queen, but her child will ultimately get her back on the side of good. I'm interested to see this play out. Just please, for goodness sake, don't let her ever say the word "wicked" again.

Caralynn: Zelena has gotten better for sure. I agree with Steve, that she'll temporarily side with the Evil Queen and then switch gears to back Regina and the good guys. Which, unfortunately, would be really repetitive because that's essentially exactly what happened with Hades last season.

Should Emma have told Hook about the Oracle?

Steve: Absolutely. We've been down this road with them many times before and it never ends well. It's very frustrating that after all they have been through, Emma continues to keep things to herself. Hook will learn of the prophecy eventually, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing that Emma continues to keep those she cares for in the dark.

Allison: Definitely. Emma's keeping secrets, which never ends well. Killian deserves to know what's going on, and Emma needs to be able to confide in someone other than Hyde. You can tell that Killian is tired of being shut out of aspects of Emma's life.

Teresa: Oh heck yes! I was scratching my head. Emma, you literally went to Hell and Back to get him back and all was well with your relationship in Season Five's finale. Take a lesson from Rumple, Emma: the truth always comes out!

Robin: Right, Teresa?! You'd think she'd be able to tell Hook about something that scares her after all they've been through with/for each other. Also, Emma's secretive reaction seemed a tad disproportionate to her visions and tremors (before she saw the whole thing).

I will say, though, I loved how Killian handled it. I expected him to follow her when she shooed him off. Even though it clearly hurt him, he still respected her space, he left her when she said she wanted to be alone, and waited for her to come to him. But seriously, Hook, man, it's never just stress!!

Caralynn: I'm so over Emma's lone wolf attitude. It feels regressive to have her go all the way back to her Season 1 self, keeping secrets and going it alone. It didn't even have to be Hook! She just should have told somebody -- anybody!

Emma Archie and Pongo - Once Upon a Time

Who was the MVP of the premiere?

Steve: Although his appearance was brief, Jafar was a standout for me. I don't know what it was, but I really digged Oded Fehr's portrayal of the character. Maybe it's because of my disappointment with the lackluster Once Upon a Time in Wonderland spinoff and that version of Jafar, but I was just enthralled by Jafar's presence during the opening moments of the episode.

Allison: Archie and Pongo! I didn't realize how much I had missed them until they popped up. I hope that they stick around because they brighten my day. I miss the Storybrooke townsfolk that have disappeared as the seasons progressed.

Teresa: The combination of Snow/Regina, hands down! Their scenes were amazing, superbly acted and just had my jaw dropping in how incredible it all was. Moreover, these two characters were finally given loads of screen time together. Once to me has in the last few years seemed to keep one hand tied behind its back, not soaking itself in the magnificent, core relationships. I hope to see more and more of these precious moments!

Robin: Like Steve, I think Jafar made a huge impression. In just one short scene, Oded Fehr managed to make Jafar nefarious, charming and mysterious all at once, and I loved it. That said, I may be biased because I've had a HUGE crush on Fehr since The Mummy, and I would gladly watch him read a phone book.

Caralynn: I agree with Steve and Robin. I really liked Naveen Andrews' Jafar on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, so I had pretty high expectations going in. But Oded Fehr totally held his own. I wanted more Aladdin and Jafar than we got in this premiere!

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