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The Count of Monte Cristo arrives in Storybrooke intent on finishing the task he started with the help of the Evil Queen: killing Snow White and Prince Charming in order to avenge the death of his fiance. 

Belle asks Hook and Emma to help hide her from Rumple. Rather than put her up at Granny's, Hook comes up with another idea.

Emma resumes her therapy sessions with Archie, telling him the details of the vision she received from the Oracle, including that she's been getting tremors in her hands. When Archie asks her why she hasn't told anyone, she worries that her family will try to save the day, and she can't get over the fact that as the Savior, she should be the one doing so.

Hook decides to hide Belle on the Jolly Roger, as he continues trying to make amends for the many mistakes he made. He's still working toward forgiving himself.

The Evil Queen meets with Mr. Gold. They strike a deal: whatever the Queen plans to do to the town, she must leave Belle and her unborn child alone. That's not all; the Queen is also making her play for Rumple, telling him that the fun will start when he gets bored of his "bookworm."

Regina and the Evil Queen finally meet. 

As Edmund attempts to kill the Charmings on the dock, Regina appears to try and stop him. When she can't, and has no other way to stop him, she throws the sword, killing him. 

The Evil Queen awoke a darkness in Regina, and warns her that the reason that no one will have their happy ending will be because of Regina.

The Queen returns a coin to David, and asks him if he truly believes that his father's death was an accident.

Emma returns to Archie, and confesses that she's worried that either Regina or the Evil Queen will be the person who kills her.

Once Upon a Time
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