Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Hope Kill Aiden?

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Aiden thought he could blackmail Hope into loving him again, Orpheus mocked Clyde, and there were plenty of flashbacks this week in Salem

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fossie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum as they debate Aiden’s threats, Hope’s reaction, and who’d they like to see dead on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think Hope should have done about Aiden’s threats?

Jack: I was glad Hope finally tried to blackmail him back. I don't know why she didn't do that in the first place. Oh, and two can play at the secret recording game. Why not record Aiden's threats and bring them to whoever is standing in for Abe as Mayor?

Christine: I thought the same thing! Why isn’t Hope trying to record Aiden incriminating himself. And Roman and Rafe both have the right to know the details about Aiden’s blackmail, considering it may destroy their careers and end them up in prison too.

Fossie: I’m thinking Aiden may not be long for this world but I can’t imagine they’ll have Hope commit murder again. The first time was bad enough. I wouldn’t mind having her beat the heck out of Aiden though. That would have been more fun than Rafe punching him. 

Does Aiden really think he’s more dangerous than André?

Jack: No, but I think he has decided he's not going to be pushed around by André and is standing up to him, which I love, even though I don't like the rest of what he's doing at the moment.

Christine: I think Aiden has become a delusional sociopath and I don’t really care what he does anymore, but I enjoyed André’s amusement at Aiden trying to stand up to him. I felt like he was going to pat Aiden on the head like a little boy and send him on his way. 

Fossie: LOL! Aiden is pretty full of himself lately. Poking André was almost as stupid as thinking he can make Hope love him again. 

Aiden Tries to Blackmail Hope - Days of Our Lives

Lots of flashbacks this week. Not enough, just right or too many?

Jack: Ugh, don't get me started on the overuse of flashbacks. I felt like the writers were super lazy this week because it seemed like half of some episodes were flashbacks and I was tempted to fast forward all the flashbacks to see how much time they wasted! 

Christine: OMG! I don’t think they could have fit more flashbacks in if they’d tried. It was ridiculous and boring. The only upside is that when I was pressed for time, they were easy to fast forward through.

Fossie: I don’t mind the really old ones with Orpheus from back in the day, but the stuff that happened last week, or sometimes yesterday is just too much!

If they could kill off just one villain next week, who would you choose?

Jack: Does Deimos count? I want to free Nicole. LOL. Of the fugitives I can most do without Clyde. He's just bumbling around making vague threats in his Southern accent and acting delusional without accomplishing anything.

Christine: I agree about Nicole and Deimos. Nicole deserves better. All of the villain storylines have become boring and drawn out but I’d be thrilled if someone took out Aiden. Remembering how much I used to like him and seeing what he’s become is just painful to watch.

Fossie: Aiden has become even sleazier than the rest of the villains. He’s also the least enjoyable. Next to him, I’ll say Xander because he’s got absolutely no sense of humor. 

Orpheus Mocks Clyde - Days of Our Lives

Which scene this week did you hate?

Jack: Rafe punching Aiden. That's not the right way to deal with the problem and makes Rafe even more unattractive than before. It was sad that all the fake things Hope said to Rafe are exactly the problems I see with Hope/Rafe as a couple -- too bad Aiden is blackmailing her. 

Christine: I hate that Hope didn’t tell both Rafe and Roman the truth. The three of them need to work together as a team to take Aiden down. Hope should be smarter than this. 

Fossie: Hope trying to break up with Rafe was painful because we’ve seen this play out before, or at least it felt that way. Either get these two together or break them up but I’m tired of the back and forth no matter what the reason. 

What quote, scene or storyline is your favorite from this week in Salem?

Jack: I loved Orpheus ignoring Clyde to do his crossword puzzle. Orpheus is one entertaining supervillain!

Christine: André really made me laugh during his conversation with Aiden. 

André:  But feel free to throw the word around. Blackmail. I’m not squeamish about it like you are.

Fossie: Orpheus making fun of Clyde for wanting to kidnap Thomas to give him to his psycho son was so funny. It’s as though Orpheus was saying what the rest of us were thinking. 

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