19 Times Twins Got Too Twisted for TV

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Twisted twins and doppelgangers. Some engage in incest, others just have horrible, even life-threatening relationships.

For some reason, the shows with twins played by the same actor or actress, in this case Alexandra Chando of The Lying Game, or Sarah Michelle Gellar of Ringer, don't seem to last very long.

But these relationships are always so juicy and dark because even compared to siblings, there's just a certain bond between twins that is undeniable and leads to much deeper rifts in their family fabric.

Seems like daytime soaps have an uncanny habit of revealing a shocking doppelganger.

Below, here are some of our favorite dark, deep, twisty, and puzzling twin relationships. 

1. Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

Well, they weren't really twins, but doppelgangers are close enough, right? Dobrev did a marvelous job of separating these two, and an eventual third, Amara, but working as two different emotional characters took its toll and Katherine eventually was sent off to hell. Not without torturing Elena one last time though, her favorite pasttime.

2. Cersei and Jaime Lannister - Game of Thrones

Do we really need an explanation of this twisted twincest relationship? Cersei and Jaime, twins, have three children together due to their abnormally close bond that has led them to carry on a sexual relationship for oh-so-many years.

3. Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer - The Lying Game

Thankfully, The Lying Game TV show didn't follow the same path and have Sutton Mercer, dead, watching over her sister's search for her murderer. Alexandra Chando effortlessly identified the two girls, not just by their hair, and portrayed such a torn relationship between two girls that never stood a chance. Emma wanted a family, Sutton took hers for granted, that's how it always would be, and that's how it was when the show was cancelled.

4. Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake - Pretty Little Liars

While we're still getting to know Mary Drake, Andrea Parker has done magnificently well masking the fact that she plays both of these secret-ridden, devious mothers. Which is the evil twin? Are they both evil? All we know is that their relationship was less than ideal.

5. Jack Abbott and Fake Jack - The Young and the Restless

Ever thought about the fact that you're supposed to have an exact doppelganger walking around somewhere on Earth? Well, Jack Abbott discovered his in the most unusual way - sleeping with his wife! In another attempt to take him down, Victor found Fake Jack (real name, Marco Anniselli) in a Peruvian prison, stiffed him up, and brought this shiny fake home to stir up trouble, while Jack was kidnapped and switched out on his wedding night. Ugh.

6. Jesus and Mariana Adams-Foster - The Fosters

Ignoring the recasting of Jake T. Austin's Jesus, these two twins had a lucky life. When their mother was unfit to care for them, they hadn't been separated, but instead were placed in a loving, safe home with Stef and Lena. But, as with any teenagers, they bicker like siblings, fight dirty, and they love each other more than anything, no matter what's thrown at them.

7. Nimah and Raina Amin - Quantico

Who knew that these two were played by the same actress? They're such unique characters with separate personalities, mannerisms, and identities. However, the stress of pretending to be the same person at Quantico took a toll on their relationship. One wanted in the FBI, one never wanted in. Where will Season 2 find the twins, and will Raina rejoin the force? Will they be on speaking terms again?

8. Ethan and Aiden - Teen Wolf

Their much-too-short time on Teen Wolf saw the twins with rare abilities as part of Deaucalion's alpha pack. Together, these twins could form a giant merged form, but when that was killed, they relied on their own experience to get them through. Unfortunately, Aiden didn't survive the season of the Oni (though neither did Allison Argent). Not enough time was given to showcase the talents of Max and Charlie Carver, but the relationship they played was fun, loving, and at times, messy.

9. Prince James and Prince Charming - Once Upon a Time

Both played by Josh Dallas, these princes led very different lives in the Enchanted Forest. James was a prince, and David was, well, not much, but David had a family that James resented him for in the Underworld. While blood, these two could not have been less alike.

10. Susan Banks and Kristen DiMera - Days of Our Lives

Susan Banks will always be remembered for her iconic teeth, uncanny innocence, and her ability to manipulate. Susan, as Kristen's doppelganger, impersonated her on multiple occasions. If you thought that was intense, Kristen gave Susan a run for her money. Kristen was intense, driven, and her obsession with John Black led her to make some... interesting decisions.

11. Phoebe Buffay and Ursula - Friends

Was Ursula even real? Her and Phoebe's relationship was practically nonexistent, something we rarely see between twins that have known each other their entire lives and weren't separated. Neither sister liked the other, but the episode where Phoebe pretended to be Ursula, who was dating Joey, remains one of the most memorable of the series.

12. All the clones!! - Orphan Black

Orphan Black starring Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, etc., features the "Clone Club" which consists of 15+ characters that are all doppelgangers of each other due to Project Leda. With so many characters to choose from, the relationships with the supporting cast and between the other clones, most of which didn't know they were a clone to begin with, lead to some interestingly dark and desperate moments.

13. Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin - Ringer

Arguably the worst twin relationship ever on television, Sarah Michelle Gellar starred as two twins who once were close, but had drifted apart. After an accident that killed Siobhan's son, Bridget turned to drugs to numb the pain, while Siobhan planned her sister's death. Though she failed and Bridget took over her life in New York City to escape the man that was intent on murdering her before she could testify. The show was cancelled before these two reunited, but once Bridget stopped thinking Siobhan killed herself and actually wanted her dead, Season 2 would've been dangerous.

14. Stuart and Adam Chandler - All My Children

These TV twins could not be more different. Adam, ruthless as he was, relied on his brother Stuart to be his conscience because Stuart was the brother with the heart. Though that didn't stop him from impersonating Adam when necessary.

15. Bette and Dot Tattler - American Horror Story

The conjoined Tattler twins were members of American Horror Story: Freak Show. They shared everything except personality, which conflicted their relationship severely. Ultimately, Bette killed their mother in a rage, and Dot later killed them both because of her guilt. Talk about twisted.

16. Carter and Taylor Wilson - Finding Carter

These two never had it easy. Carter, kidnapped at age 3, comes back home after her kidnapper is caught. Only, she's 16 when this finally happens. Then, they had to get to know their twin, and the two really didn't have much of anything in common. Things were only strained more as Carter's involvement with Lori, her kidnapper, strained her entire family. Would these two have ever put aside their differences? We'll never know. Thanks, MTV.

17. Declan and Fiona Coyne - Degrassi

Remember that time Fiona kissed her twin brother to get back at Holly J and attempt to break them up? Same. Fiona had it rough with her drinking, abusive ex, and coming out story, but Declan was always just a filler character used to propel Fiona and Holly J forward. It wouldn't be a surprise if he held some resentment for his sister who got the better half of the embryo.

18. Rita Lesley and Krystle Carrington - Dynasty

Sammy Jo found Rita while modeling. Krystle was Sammy Jo's aunt, but the she shared an uncanny resemblance with Rita that she and Sammy Jo used to try to trick Sammy's dying daddy Daniel into giving Sammy Jo, Rita and a lame movie producer his estate and, in turn, all of his money. Both were played by Linda Evans.

19. Vicky Hudson and Marley Love - Another World

Isn't it a shame when you arrive to take your twin sister's inheritance by having the love of your life pretend to fall in love with her, and then he actually does? Like, dude, it was an act! Poor Vicky thought she could take the money and leave, but Marley proved to be a much bigger part of her life than she imagined. Even after her poor treatment, Vicky still donated bone marrow to save her sister. That's what matters, right?

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