Once Upon a Time Round Table: Are We Over Rumbelle?

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Cinderelly, Cinderelly... but seriously, how cute was Gus the mouse?

On Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 3 Ella/Ashley returned for another round of story, this time with a great Untold twist that seems to have hit a high note with viewers.

Join TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Allison Nichols, Caralynn Lippo, and Once Upon a Fan's Teresa Martin as they discuss what it means to be “normal” in Storybrooke and much more!

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What did you think of Cinderella's return to Once Upon a Time? Were you pleased by the twist that her story took?

TeresaI was so pleased Cinderella returned. To me, characters like her are the "untold stories" we need to see. The twist with her step-sister, lol, was an awful lot like Anastasia and Will in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, and it was well done....in both series.

Steve: It was great to see her return to OUAT. I've always enjoyed her character and wish they explored her story more so this episode was a real treat. This show is always great putting new spins and twists on these beloved characters and stories, and this one was no different. I was very pleased and I hope we get to see more of Cinderella this season.

Allison: I loved her return. I forgot that Ashley was Emma's first "save," so Ashley's return carried a bit more weight. I liked that the evil stepsister wasn't completely evil. 

Caralynn: I had honestly totally forgotten about her. I'm not too invested in her character but I did like how she was used to refer back to Emma's beginnings as the savior. And I really enjoyed the twist – the fact that she was really the "wicked stepsister" in a sense was a really interesting way to make her character more complex/interesting. 

Snow White wants things to get back to "normal." What do you think "normal" will look like for Snow and Charming?

TeresaI think it will be quite similar to the way it was when they were "cursed" except with them together. Mary Margaret was a marvelous teacher and "David" was a good guy, if a bit spineless. I loved how Charming told Snow a princess can be a teacher. As a teacher myself, for whom people often say I "settled" instead of focusing on a performance career, I was very grateful to hear that! 

Steve: I think "normal" for them would be a life without concern over their family and friends and going back to their original roles with Snow being a teacher and such. However, it doesn't seem that either will happen anytime soon.

Allison: For regular people, a normal day is pretty uneventful. There's no crisis at hand, no bad guy to stop, no day to save. I'm not sure if Snow and Charming have ever had a normal day, aside from when they were cursed. I do think it's interesting that Snow misses those days. I'm thinking normal for them will be a blending of Mary Margaret and David's cursed life and Snow and Charming's life now.

Caralynn: I think Snow has had enough of fighting off villains. She wants to live like regular people, being a teacher and David just being the sheriff. Unfortunately, that's not even remotely gonna happen, given David's determination to seek vengeance.

Belle seemed pleased as she listened to Rumple's tape. Do you think she's starting to come around to forgiving him, or at the very least that she'll let him into their son's life?

TeresaGosh I hope so! I was disturbed that she seemed to be using their son as a weapon against Rumple in the premiere, and I hated that she "hid" from him – Rumple would never hurt his child or her. He always loved his son, as seen with Bae and their reconciliation, and also consistently respected her wishes.

I cannot enumerate how many times he has let her go – told her to go for her own good! – and yet she ignored his warnings and kept coming back only to run away when he wasn't her fantasy version of him.....and then blamed him for it! I hope for a complete reconciliation, if only because they are based on a fairy tale and without that happy ending, five years of story-telling have been wasted.

Steve: I don't really know what to think about Rumbelle at this point. It's always the same old story with these two. They break up, they make up, rinse and repeat. I hope their child finally brings stability and trust back to their relationship.

Allison: I can't bring myself to care about the rollercoaster ride that is Rumbelle. I did like that Robert Carlyle's accent got a chance to shine.

Caralynn: I'm really over Rumbelle making the same moves again and again. I do, however, think that Rumple has a better chance of permanently changing himself on behalf of his child, rather than on behalf of Belle. Maybe this time it'll finally stick.

Emma and Hook are moving in together. Are you happy that Emma is taking Archie's advice and living her life, despite it's now short expectancy?

TeresaAbsolutely! First of all, the future is never set in stone. I believe in free will. And secondly: carpe diem Emma! You have something good. Hang onto it and enjoy it!

Steve: It makes you think how we would adjust our lives if we knew how and when they would end. It's great that she is taking these steps, but it also seems selfish that she is still not confiding in Hook about what she knows, and that is disappointing.

Allison: I'm so happy Emma is making progress. Even without the tremors and visions, Emma has lived a dangerous life where she could be killed or trapped in another realm. She needs to learn to live while she can and hide from love and happiness. Archie is helping Emma to realize this.

Caralynn: I really like that she's not remaining stagnant this season, because it would be super boring for her to just wallow in her apparently-impending death. The actual "Move in with me" scene was lovely and perfect. I wish she's been honest with him (and her family) before making the decision, but that's my only complaint.

On a scale of 1-10, how much did you love the team up between the Evil Queen and Hyde?

Teresa: 10! The Evil Queen and Mr. Hyde! What marvelous chaos they will make together. They actually are what I hoped Zades would be last year. This is good stuff!

Steve: I'll give it an 8. I love watching these two interacting with one another. They share a special chemistry that is very fun to watch and I look forward to seeing them work together going forward.

Allison: Eh, I'll be nice and give them a 5. I was more excited by Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll working together. Are there brains in Frankenstein's fridge?

Caralynn: 12. I think they have great chemistry. Basically, Lana Parrilla could have chemistry with anyone, but I think Hyde and EQ will make some beautiful chaos together.

Who was the MVP of the episode, in your opinion?

Teresa: Rumple (Robert Carlyle)  His reading of the poem to his unborn son was pure magic. Mr. Carlyle is a master of the spoken word, and getting to hear him do verse on Once was like getting a free ticket to a Shakespearean masterpiece.

Steve: This is a no brainer, The Evil Queen once again reigns supreme. Although her screen time was trimmed down a bit in this episode, she just steals the show.

Allison: Henry and Hook! Even though they don't know the full story behind what's going on with Emma, they were there for her in her time of need. They helped her push past her fear and save Ashley.

Caralynn: I'm with Steve; the Evil Queen is making all the moves. Though she technically failed in her attempt to get Emma to see how "pointless" she is, it led her to team up with Hyde, which will probably be a good move for her. Also, her outfit was seriously incredible.

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