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Regina brings lasagna to Hyde in an attempt to bribe him, but the Queen has arrived there first.

Ashley asks Hook and Emma if she can look at the list of new citizens in an attempt to see who might need childcare, but she's using it as a ruse in order to find her evil stepmother and stepsisters who made her life hell back in her fairytale life.

Emma sees Hook with Ashley's daughter, and then becomes frustrated by the future that she can't have with him, knowing that her death is imminent. 

As we watch Cinderella and the Prince fall in love in a flashback, Mary Margaret and David ponder their future, and wonder how they can get back to "normal." 

David visits Gold to uncover information about his father's death. 

As we learn that Ashley's stepsister wasn't evil, Emma's tremors return and she can't stop her from letting her story play out, and the Evil Queen does her best to ensure that Emma won't be able to save anyone this time.

David goes to see Belle, as part of his deal with Gold, and they share some words about fathers and sons. 

In an Untold Story twist, we discover that Cinderella's happiness came at the price of her stepsister, Clorinda, losing her own, and her stepfamily hasn't forgiven, nor forgotten, her role in taking away their reward. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

We're taking things slow. Quite slow, actually. I'm still sleeping on a cot, in a pirate ship, next to a pregnant woman who likes to snore.


It's hard to try and stay one step ahead of yourself.