Chicago PD: Jesse Lee Soffer Dishes On Linstead's Future

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Tonight is the Chicago PD midseason finale and that means it's the last we'll see this year of Det. Jay Halstead. But there's still plenty to talk about for Halstead fans.

TV Fanatic recently visited the Chicago PD set and asked Jesse Lee Soffer about Halstead's relationship with Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and the real dynamic between himself and TV brother Nick Gehlfuss.

You'll get a double dose of Jay tonight as Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 7 and Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 8 air back to back at the early start time of 9/8c on NBC. Keep reading below for what Soffer had to say about his character's future.

A Cop Killer - Chicago PD

What are some of the issues that Jay is going to deal with in the rest of Season 4?

Jesse Lee Soffer: I think business as usual is far as cop work goes, but definitely the situation with Lindsay's father is going to be interesting and a little difficult to deal with for both of them.

They're cohabitating now so how much does that change their relationship?

I don't know. I don't know if they've written any speed bumps yet. I think the biggest speed bump coming up is Lindsay's father is going to come back to town, come back in her life. That's definitely going to stir up some turmoil and conflict and I really think she's going to have to lean on Halstead a lot in that situation. We'll see what it looks like.

Halstead and Lindsay - Chicago PD

Speaking of relationships, we've seen a fair amount of Jay with his brother Will this year. What was it like for you last year when they launched Chicago Med and told you hey, you've got a brother and he's played by Nick Gehlfuss?

It was really cool. It's easy when the person that you're working opposite of is a goofball like you and talented and fun to work with . We got along great from the get go.

What's interesting about Nick is that he was going to be on PD. [But] I was already cast and they said we can't put him on PD because he looks too much like this other guy, we can't put him there. And then two years later, they were like we still love the guy so why doesn't he play Jesse's brother?

Will you two be getting more chances to work together?

Lindsay and Halstead are always sneaking into Med to ask some questions of someone sitting in a hospital waiting room somewhere from some victim. And Will is always coming into the bullpen to give us a report on something or tell us that our victim just died. He's always got really bad news.

Halstead's Concern - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6

From an acting standpoint, is playing Jay different on Chicago Med as opposed to Chicago PD?

When I'm on Med, for anybody I think, if you're in a situation where you're dealing with someone in a hospital or there's a victim of a crime or a victim with an illness and you're dealing with someone over there, there's always a level of respect that you pay. So I think maybe Halstead's a bit more serious when he's in the hospital just because of the content of what's going on in those scenes.

What's it like for you to go between these shows? Because each one of them is different even though they're part of the same franchise.

It doesn't change that much. The only thing that changes is the writers are different on each show so your character might sound a little different to you. It's a little bit of an adjustment when you go on a different show.

As far as the dynamic between the characters, that doesn't change. I think after a couple years of working together, we have that locked in.

A Job Offer - Chicago PD

The big news for PD is that Jon Seda (pictured above with Monica Raymund) is leaving the show to become a regular on Chicago Justice. What are your thoughts on that shift?

I hope that I get to do a crossover with them soon because I miss Jon already. It's an interesting situation to have a character leave that started a show with you, because not only does your character miss the character and not want them to go but you as the actor don't want your buddy to go either. It's one of those funny situations where art and life kind of get blurred.

Tell us one thing about Chicago PD that we might not know.

All of our badges on the show are real badges. They don't have real district numbers or police ID numbers because that would be totally illegal. However if at first glance, I wanted to impersonate a cop, I could. They don't let us leave set with those things.

Halstead Takes Aim - Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 2

Find out what happens next for Halstead when Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 7 and Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 8 air tonight starting at 9/8c on NBC, and check back with TV Fanatic afterward for our postmortem.

New episodes of Chicago PD Season 4 then resume in January. If you miss it terribly, you can watch Chicago PD online until it's return.

Brittany Frederick is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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