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What We're Watching: The Home Stretch

TV is winding down, but the drama most certainly isn't. Have a look through our gallery of the week's biggest shows. You won't want to miss the shocks in store!
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Chicago PD Quotes

Hailey: Lee died for her. He wouldn't give her up, not even for me.
Voight: You call Jay?
Hailey: No. He's still in the wire for another 12 hours. He's not even going to know I'm gone.
Voight: You know it's okay to let go if you're the only one fighting. It don't mean you don't love him. It just means you love you, too.

Platt: I can't believe you made me eat a sandwich wrapped in lettuce.
Roman: You gotta stay away from the carbs, they'll dull your senses.
Platt: This is Chicago. We put bread on meat. It gives us comfort. It makes us strong.