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Voight: So, Richards is talking?
Ruzek: Oh yeah, he folded like a lawn chair.

Makayla knows if something happens to you, what happens to her? You’re all she’s got.


Burgess: I didn’t get scared for me, I got scared for.
Trudy: Makayla.
Burgess: Yeah.
Trudy: You’ve given her a second chance at life and that is worth protecting. And I wonder if this is why the universe is telling you to name your guardian.. .your backup. I wonder if you’d hesitate the same way if you’d have that peace of mind.

We know you use young women as couriers. Mules. See this time, this time was different. This time one of them got murdered.


You want a lawyer? Kenny, you don't cooperate, you're going to need a priest.


Upton: So this guy slams back a breakfast burrito and goes on the hunt for young women.
Atwater: Cold-blooded, man.

Justice and law don't always work in perfect harmony.


Superintendent Miller: We need more evidence, we need to make sure the case is airtight, or this prick is gonna sue us again.
Voight: Can you believe this? We're tiptoeing around a serial rapist and killer trying to make sure we don't offend him.

Voight: Bring him in.
Man: I didn't do anything.
Voight: Then you've got nothing to worry about.

Maybe there’s some part of me that when I hear I love you, I’m always waiting for the punch. For the I’m sorry that’s going to come.


Atwater: Well, con is short for confidence.
Voight: This time it’s short for stupid.

Yeah, but you learn how to be that way. To shut people out. To be invisible. You learn it. Becca’s only 12-years-old. Maybe she hasn’t learned how to do that just yet?

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Chicago PD Quotes

Hey. We all go home tonight.


Upton: We have a warrant to search the premises. 
Owner: Search for what?
Upton: Weapons of mass destruction. 
Owner: What?
Upton: Just kidding. Drugs and guns. We're gonna go in.