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Voight: Matson was telling me things about me and you. Am I bad for you?
Upton: What? Is that what he said?
Voight: Implied.
Upton: And we're listening to him?

This how you get off? You enjoy watching me bleed? Better enjoy it while you can, cause any minute my team will be here and they're gonna put a bullet in your head.


Matson: Do you know what happens next?
Voight: I die.
Matson: No, not yet. You get one call, one call to someone you love. You have them come get you.

Petrovitch: This can't be this easy. Matson is more careful than this. He'll turn off the cameras.
Upton: He doesn't have access. Also, he's not a genius. He doesn't have all the city's cameras memorized.

Upton: How the hell did Matson get here without us knowing? How did he take Voight without a fight? Why would he take such a risk?
Petrovich: He knew we had him and he wanted one more, one that was important to him.

I'm at Voight's house. Voight's not here. Something's wrong. I think he was taken.


I think I get it. Small changes. You have a family here. Voight...


He knew we were going to be there! Can we trace his radio?


I now his name! You take away my charges; I'll give you his name. Hey! The serial killer is a cop. He's a goddamned cop!


Petrovic: You came.
Hailey: You asked me to.

I run six miles a day. I run until I can't stand. But it doesn't help, so.


Trudy: There are two things you can do with guilt. You can let it drown you or let you give it purpose.
Atwater: I need to figure out how to do that.
Trudy: Well, I'm not going to let you drown. No one here is.

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But I wanted it. Wanted to be something different than what I was, knew I could. See, I don't people have to end up anywhere near where they started.


Yo, Al, don't you got some sort of beef with Father McSorley?