Pretty Little Liars: Final Season Premiere Date, Freeform Celebration

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Pretty Little Liars will return for Season 7B a little later than normal. 

The hit Freeform series will begin airing its final episodes on April 18, 2017!

We understand that's a long wait for the new episodes, but it will be totally worth it if we get the answers to most burning questions. 

Who Will Die? - Pretty Little Liars

If you recall, Pretty Little Liars Season 7A concluded with Spencer being shot, before learning her mother was Mary Drake, Noel Kahn being beheaded and A.D kidnapping Jenna Marshall. 

It was quite the turn of events and made it clear to viewers the show was coming to a close. 

It's going to be a difficult task to wrap the whole thing up in 10 episodes, but we're definitely intrigued to see how it all ends. 

There will be several characters returning in the final episodes.

Who Is Going Rogue? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9

The most notable is probably Wren. Fans have long suspected him to be the true mastermind behind all of the wicked things happening to the gals. 

His return would add fuel to that fire the is Uber A, but it could also be another red herring.

This show has had too many of those over the years, so it's time to buckle down and give us fans the goodies. 

Additionally, Freeform will be looking to celebrate the series by releasing content from the past 150 episodes. 

That's going to be a lot of content, but we guess it's better than having no Pretty Little Liars in our lives. 

Also, Famous in Love will debut right after Pretty Little Liars. 

Famous in Love is the latest series from Marlene King and stars Bella Thorne as a young actress trying to make it in Hollywood. 

Based on the preview, it looks like it will definitely fill the void left by the liars. 

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Spencer: Senior year is supposed to be best year of life, did you know that it?
Emily: Yeah, if you survive it.

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