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On Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 1 college student Ophelia was on the verge of being kicked out of college.

The girl had no ambition at all. None. Then she ran into a vigilante in a back alley.

Suddenly, things were looking up.

Ophelia tracked the vigilante and discovered she was sweet and kind sorority girl Jules. What?!

Wanting to know more, she continued to follow Jules, even after Jules threatened her life. Instead of finding herself in harm's way from Ophelia, Ophelia found out what it was like to be standing in Jules' shoes.

Then the two girls were bonded. Forever. Find out what happened to bond them forever what their fight is against when you click above to watch Sweet/Vicious online.

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Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Jules: Do I have consent, Will? I want you to think about Beth. The music you played to drown out her screaming. The fear in her eyes when you held her down, when you forced yourself into her.
Will: No, no, please no. Please, I'll do anything.
Jules [smacks him]: I'm sorry. I thought no meant yes. My bad. You didn't stop when she said no, did you, Will? [punches him]
Will: No, no, I didn't stop. I didn't. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone! I'm so sorry.
Jules: If you ever do to anyone else what you did to Beth, I will be back.

Jules [showing her phone screen]: Do you know this girl? DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL?!
Will: It's your lock screen!
Jules: Oh. It is? Dang it.