Watch The Exorcist Online: Season 1 Episode 7

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A demon possessed Regan MacNeil over 40 years ago.

He lost. Now the demon she called Captain Howdy is possessing her daughter, and during The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 7 Regan, now Angela, lost hope.

Angela didn't know Casey was undergoing an exorcism. She didn't know the demon was winning this time.

But the faith of one excommunicated priest who believed the love of God flowed through his hands saved her girl.

Find out what Casey went through, what her mother believed and whether there is any hope left for this family in crisis.

Watch The Exorcist online and all will be revealed. Don't miss a moment of this mesmerizing series!

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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mother Bernadette: If we fail here, we are unleashing an ancient violence into the world.
Marcus: Well let's *not* fail, then.

Father Tomas: I'll tell the family.
Marcus: No! This is not just a possession.
Father Tomas: But they have the right to know!
Marcus: This is a revenge. Can you not see that? Forty years ago, it had Regan's body and it lost it. That is a demon with a 40-year grudge. Now? It wants to torture her daughter in front of her. I'm not going to give it the satisfaction.
Father Tomas: You're asking me to lie!
Marcus: I was this close at the Rance house, I got it swimmin' laps in the lake, God is in me. Yeah! Lie!