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Father Tomas is saying mass for Casey. 

Everyone is there.

He says a sort of an Act of Contrition.

Nine days earlier, he and Marcus are taking Casey to Mother Bernadette. Casey is a frakkin' mess. She's beyond possessed. 

Marcus tells Tomas to lie. The demon has a 40 year grudge and Marcus won't let him.

Mother Bernadette and Marcus are at odds about what to do with Casey. The demon has tripled in strength. Marcus refuses to give up. 

Some dude, the Bishop maybe, is asking Tomas to give up Marcus. He's worried about the scandal an excommunicated Marcus performing an exorcism would cause just weeks before His Holiness arrives. Hahahaha. If only he knew.

The Rance family gets on Investigative Reports. Grandma Chris wants to speak about the present, not the past. The lady digs into Casey being violent. The report isn't what they agreed upon. Angela leaves. 

Over at Bernadettes, shit is goin' down. Casey is tied up like a burrito and straining and seizing. She's incredibly powerful, even managing to bite Tomas.

Marcus saved Casey and the Demon because God came through his hands. I think. Tomas is very confused. Marcus is overwhelmed.

The Rances try to leave the house and are accosted by the wife of one of the first responders Casey killed in the ambulance. Her demon girl took away a little boy's daddy. I love when people blame one tragedy on another family's tragedy. Lots of fun there.

The cult is meeting about the Pope and Bennett is there. He's not just accepting the bullshit that's being spilled around the table anymore.

Tomas wants to know what Georgetown was like. Chris says it was like freefall. Tomas imagines sex with Jessica.

Angela talks to Tomas and thinks he's full of crap. She wants to know something. From Marcus. Try harder.

Marcus is sitting by Casey's side. Her body is failing. She's so skinny. She's full of wounds. Marcus says if they can't draw out the demon, they can't complete the exorcism and she dies.

Marcus asks Bernadette why Casey has been sedated. The sisters want to put Casey to rest. If she's integrated, then she loses her soul. If they can put her out of her misery, Casey wins. Either way, the sisters will have no further part in what Marcus is doing.

Angela and Chris are talking. When Angela gave birth to Kat, she felt as if all the horrible things that happened to her were worth it. Angela used to think her mom got off easy because she had to live it and all Chris had to do was watch. Now she's not so sure.

Angela is losing her mind. If she knew what Casey was going through, she'd never be able to stand it.

Marcus is crying above Casey. Casey comes through. No. No more. 

Father Bennett makes an unfortunate discovery. The bones and ashes in the basement, but with it is the pile of bodies and a killer standing by to put an end to him. No. More than one killer. At least three, of the demon-infused variety. But Bennett has a few tricks up his sleeves.

He dumps some crap onto the big guy, says a prayer and waits.

Apparently, the business with Casey has made Tomas give up completely. He just cares not for the cloth. He's in a full-on sexual relationship with Jessica.

Marcus has Casey elsewhere, in a church setting, on a pillow, with some dignity.

Tomas goes to a drug store, gets into a fist fight and calls Maria to help.

Mother Bernadette gives to Marcus a message. Let her go. It's time.

Angela asks Tomas to come. She's in the shower, on the floor. She knows Casey is gone. She used to feel a flutter, but now there's nothing. 

Marcus was ready to give Casey the death concoction, but he felt he couldn't do it with God's hands. Then Tomas walked in. With Angela.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mother Bernadette: If we fail here, we are unleashing an ancient violence into the world.
Marcus: Well let's *not* fail, then.

Father Tomas: I'll tell the family.
Marcus: No! This is not just a possession.
Father Tomas: But they have the right to know!
Marcus: This is a revenge. Can you not see that? Forty years ago, it had Regan's body and it lost it. That is a demon with a 40-year grudge. Now? It wants to torture her daughter in front of her. I'm not going to give it the satisfaction.
Father Tomas: You're asking me to lie!
Marcus: I was this close at the Rance house, I got it swimmin' laps in the lake, God is in me. Yeah! Lie!