Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Anna Head to Salem?

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Prague brought surprises as Anna, Carrie, and Austin all showed up during the hunt for Stefano, while back in Salem, Chloe woke up just as Deimos and Nicole got engaged.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Emmy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum as they debate whether Anna, Carrie and Austin should stick around, if JJ’s cut out to be a detective, and what Chloe should do next on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want Anna, Carrie, and Austin to stick around for awhile?

Jack: Yes and no. I was excited that they were returning but their appearance was ridiculous and pointless. I don't want this urn-toting, completely out of her mind version of Anna with Carrie and Austin babysitting her. At all.

Emmy: Anna, Carrie and Austin are three different characters, so I will answer separately. I definitely would not mind if Anna stuck around for an extensive period of time as a supporting character. Leann Hunley is a gifted comic performer, and Anna always adds lightness and humor to the canvas even when things are dramatic. There is something ghoulishly delightful about her presence and Hunley plays her with just the right mixture of camp and seriousness.

Anna, Carrie, and Austin - Days of Our Lives

Carrie would be an excellent addition to the canvas given her history. She was a great ingenue, yet without Sami to torment Carrie, one wonders what the character should or could blossom into. 

As for Austin, I'm a big believer that the show needs good, muckraking journalists to investigate things. I miss Jack. I miss Will. I'm sorry Abigail abandoned her career as a journalist. I'm sorry Nicole isn't out there crusading in tabloid style. I'm sorry Jennifer and Adrienne's project with The Spectator isn't coming to much. I'd take Austin the Journalist fighting the good fight against the Salem underworld. 

Christine: Oye. This is such a mixed bag. I’ve always enjoyed Carrie and Anna. Anna can be such fun and Carrie can be the voice of reason amongst her crazier family members, but I’m not sure where the writers are taking this. As for Austin, I’ve honestly never been a fan. He’s always come across as a little boring and clueless to me. 

Are Nicole and Deimos moving too fast with this engagement?

Jack: Yes! Deimos is involved in a billion shady things that Nicole needs to know about, Nicole just took off Daniel's ring a few weeks ago, and they haven't been dating that long to begin with. I don't buy this love story at all.

Emmy: Yes. Yes. Yes. Did I say yes? Deimos, aside from having swallowed the canvas whole, is a wholly unsympathetic character. They may want me to forget what he did to Bo and Phillip, but I won't forget. The writers have made an extreme effort to force a Nicole/Deimos romance. There's no chemistry, and Nicole has turned into a weak and fragile character around him. Nicole is clearly not over Daniel.

Christine: I had to laugh when Deimos said something about being patient in waiting for Nicole. Seriously? That’s what he considers patient! Her fiance has barely been dead a year. Even if I liked these two together, which I don’t, it would still be moving way too fast.

Chloe Wakes Up! - Days of Our Lives

Should Chloe tell Nicole the truth about Holly, despite her fears about Deimos?

Jack: Yes. Holly is Nicole's child and she deserves to know. Deimos is a separate issue.

Emmy: Yes, of course she should. I am sympathetic to Chloe's concerns, but Holly is Nicole's child. Chloe has no right to keep them apart.

What bugs me is the treatment of Nicole in this whole scenario. Yes, Nicole has a bad decision making track-record, but this is a baby not a lottery ticket or an elephant filled with blood diamonds. I do wish the writers would let Nicole evolve or re-volve into a strong fighter that can make her own decisions and, once-in-a-blue-moon, do the right thing. 

Christine: Yes! Nicole is that baby’s mother. Chloe has not right to hide that from her and should have told her the truth long before now. 

Is JJ ready to be a detective?

Jack: Absolutely! He was ready from his first day. Being a beat cop never fit his personality at all, and I wish they had scrapped the whole cop idea and let him work as a PI alongside his Uncle Steve, as that's far closer to who JJ actually is.

Emmy: As a Jack fangirl, I remain team JJ, and I want JJ to be able to solve mysteries and do good in the world. However, I feel like he's being written as weak and being set up for failure so that Gabi can look good and more sympathetic as she pursues Chad. That said, I would rather see JJ do detective work than follow Gabi around like she's worth something. I want JJ to succeed, and Casey Moss always tries to give him layers, but JJ becoming a detective fills me with dread. I feel like JJ has become the writers'' Horton whipping boy dujour.

Christine: I’m torn. Part of me sees him as the Horton version of a young Bo Brady, minus the leather jacket. But JJ continues to make stupid mistakes, like telling half of Salem the details of his first investigation. I’m afraid that doesn’t bode well for his future. 

Gabi Congratulates JJ - Days of Our Lives

Do you want Kate and Eduardo to stay together or break up?

Jack: I would rather they break up. I like Eduardo but I don't like him with Kate one bit. I'd rather Eve come back for him.

Emmy: Break up. Just don't feel the pairing. Maybe Kate needs to be single for awhile.

Christine: I really like this pairing…when they are being honest with one another because they don’t have to pretend to be someone they’re not. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Anna's ridiculous waste-of-time appearance, more Hope nonsense, and that JJ thinks Gabi is worth giving the time of day to.

Emmy: Rafe really didn't need to be in Prague. Steve, Marlena and Paul were doing just fine, and Rafe seemed only to draw attention away from Anna, Carrie & Austin and that bugged.

Christine: Anything having to do with Hope in prison. That has to be the lamest, most boring story on the show right now. 

Hope In Prison - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved Maggie telling Nicole that she understands about moving on and second loves. I also really liked Jennifer telling baby Thomas about Alice, Tom and Jack, except that I'm sorry to tell her, but Abby is no Alice.

Emmy: Everything Anna said. 

Christine: I’m with Jack on all counts. Maggie and Nicole bonding over love and second chances was a touching scene. I also loved Jennifer teaching Thomas about his family and showing us some Horton history was wonderful, but as said above, Abigail is no where as smart or strong as Alice Horton. 

So TV Fanatics, do you want Anna, Carrie, or Austin to head to Salem?

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