David Boreanaz Snags Lead in CBS Navy SEALS Pilot!

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It's pilot season, and the action behind the scenes is in full gear.

Until recently, Jim Caviezel, another TV Fanatic favorite, was tapped for the lead in a CBS Navy SEALS drama that's underway. 

Today, it was announced beloved Bones star David Boreanaz stepped into the role. 

boreanaz seals

Caviezel chose to exit the project over creative differences.

One man's choice is another man's win!

We've all been waiting by holding our collective breath to see where Boreanaz would end up next, and I cannot think of a more perfect role for him.

After the success of theatrical releases about SEALS and the hit SIX on History, the team are a really hot commodity.

This project follows the lives of the elite SEALS as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous missions around the world our country can ask. 

Boreanaz will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through over a dozen deployments, with scars inside and out.

Boreanaz Bones Soldier

In his role on Bones, Boreanaz's character had a military background and was frequently called upon to use it.

Those instances showed Boreanaz at his best, and in addition to the more comical moments of the show, he appeared to be having a great time acting as the soldier.

Personally, Boreanaz has a soldiers' heart, often taking to Twitter to defend his beliefs about America.

He's passionate on and off the screen and having the chance to portray a Navy SEAL leader must be really exciting for him.

As such, he'll no doubt be giving 110% to the role, as he does all of his parts.

Co-stars on the non-titled project include The cast includes Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., A.J. Buckley and Toni Trucks.

How badly do you want this pilot to go to series?

As a fan of Boreanaz, Thieriot and Navy SEALS, I can't give it two thumbs up fast enough.

The thought of these stars moving onto such a thrilling project and given a chance to shine in such a unique way is really exciting, and I hope it's one of the series that's picked up by CBS.

If you'd have rather seen Boreanaz take a different type of role, let us know what you'd imagine for him.

Share your excitement in the comments and cheer on Boreanaz when you get the opportunity!

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