The Originals Round Table: Will Klaus Kill Marcel?

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The Originals is back - and our panelists have a lot to discuss!

On The Originals Season 4 Episode 1, the drama went into high gear as Hayley realized she was close to bringing her plan full circle. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Amanda Steinmetz, discuss the new Hope, leadership in the Quarter and their thoughts on the new villain. 

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What did you think of the new Hope?

Mandy: It's going to take some getting used to that Hope's seven now. But I love how close Hope and Hayley obviously are. I'm looking forward to seeing how she fits in with the rest of the family. Especially Klaus.

Justin: It's so weird seeing her as a child now; I remember watching the plot years ago when they were just discovering the pregnancy. Like Mandy, I'm excited to see what part she plays in the Mikaelson family.

Amanda: Seeing Hope older now is a little weird, but I'm excited to get to know her. Growing up with just her mother will clearly have an effect on how she will interact with the rest of the family once she meets them. I'm mostly curious how Klaus will act around his daughter.

How did you feel about the changes in leadership in the Quarter?

Mandy: I'm still mad at Marcel for trying to kill the Mikaelson family. But it's interesting that he seems to have softened toward Klaus. I'm glad Vincent is leading the witches. Marcel needs someone to keep him in check.

Justin: The leadership keeps going back-and-forth with who is running each group. This is taking it all the way back to Season 1 where Marcel was in charge. I don't expect any of these leadership changes to last.

Amanda: I love that Vincent is leading the witches. He has been such a strong character. I just hope he remains a good guy. Marcel as the leader brings us back to Season 1, which I don't have a problem with. Peace seems to have been achieved for the most part. I'm sure that will change with the Mikaelsons returning. 

A Broken Man - The Originals Season 4 Episode 1

Will Klaus kill Marcel when he inevitably escapes?

Mandy: No. Klaus loves Marcel like a son. He proved last season that he couldn't kill him. He's angry. He'll lash out. But I don't ever see him killing Marcel.

Justin: There's no way Klaus is killing Marcel. He will always love him like a son. With that being said, I have a strange feeling Marcel might be killed this season by someone else.

Amanda: No, I don't see Klaus killing Marcel anytime soon. Besides, Marcel is now uber powerful. They would have to find a way to kill him first if that's what they want to do. 

What Did You Say? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 1

Chat about Hayley being all badass. 

Mandy: Hands down, my favorite part of the episode. I love Hayley's one woman mission to reunite her family. She's been at this for five years, and it felt like it. I loved watching her go full wolf. And her reunion with Elijah was even better than I imagined after watching her kick ass.

Justin: Hayley has taken on the brunt of the work with the family in slumber. She's had five years to mature, grow and develop a thick skin to protect herself and her daughter. I love that she's a badass.

Amanda: Hayley was awesome! She's such a badass and can handle herself in any situation. Her reunion with Elijah was perfect, and you can tell she felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders knowing she was able to wake them up after all this time.

Any theories about the new villain?

Mandy: I'm guessing it's a super witch. I don't think it's someone connected to the NOLA covens. I'm curious why Hope's dreaming about the symbol. Is it part of her power? Or is the big bad purposely reaching out to her psychical? I'm looking forward to watching this unfold.

Justin: I agree with Mandy. I think the main villain will be a powerful witch (or a spirit) that is reaching out to Hope. After that child was lured away, I think this villain is searching for children. Hope could be in danger or the one they're looking for.

Amanda: I agree with Justin. Whoever this villain is, they are reaching out to children. For what purpose? No idea. But Hope will probably play a huge role in it. Hayley said Hope's powers are strong and she doesn't know how to control them.

Grade the season premiere!

Mandy: B+. It took too long to wake up the family. I understand wanting to show how things are without them, but they're the reason I watch The Originals. 

Justin: I would give this a B. There was action, drama and the inevitable reunion that we so needed. However, it was very heavy on exposition to catch-up on things.

Amanda: I'd give it B+. There was obviously a severe lack of Mikaelsons, but I loved seeing how everyone has changed during the time jump. 

Over to you, The Originals fanatics. What did you think of all the drama? 

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Note: The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 airs March 24 on The CW!

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