The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Who Knows

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Everything is seriously coming to a head on the penultimate episode of The Fosters.

They wasted no time bringing us all the drama and coming out with all of the secrets on The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19. It was enough to have our heads spinning. 

There was so much crammed into that one hour, and yet it was one of the most satisfying (and frustrating) hours of the season. 

BFFs - The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19

Oh Callie, what have you done? It's a question that is asked in all of its variations throughout the entire series. She has that kind of effect on a viewer.

Callie has this way of being so absolutely lovable and also so infuriating all at once. You root for her time and time again, but she makes it so difficult to do it. 

I can't even imagine what it's like being her mothers. I don't want to imagine. She's a stressful person to be around, and that's not even taking into consideration that the other Foster kids are stressful too. 

I don't know how moms do it. They're practically saints. 

Thank you very much for taking Emma and being there for her. That was very good of you.


Stef was doing a fantastic job being in Callie's corner. She understood why Callie was so opposed to the defense strategy. It would involve lying about why she feared Troy and throwing her foster brother, Kyle, under the bus. 

We all know Callie isn't the type to do that. As irritating as it is to watch a girl with next to no self-preservation skills and too much integrity for her own good, it's one of her finest traits. 

The Fosters 13x19e

It was almost laughable to watch her defense team dress her up like someone's grandmother and try to play up the fact that she's this sweet and innocent person who doesn't make waves or cause trouble. We're talking about Callie!

Callie brought up the whole situation with the DNA from the stolen toothbrush. She finally brought up the fact that Aaron was on the phone with her. I mean, she could have had something going in her favor. 

Stef was feeling quite hopeful, but this is The Fosters, and things can't be too happy for too long so that all came crashing down when the detective brought out that damning surveillance.

A Not So Friendly Face - The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19

I knew Callie lying about how she obtained that toothbrush would come back and bite her in the ass. Of course, there's surveillance of Callie straight up breaking and entering to obtain evidence. With that, her chances of not facing some sort of jail time are slipping down the drain. 

She lied and it's probably on record that she lied, so it doesn't look good for her in the least bit, even if she can get away with not being held responsible for the car accident. 

Which, it seems like she had a shot at that after her trip to see Kyle. Kyle joining a gang while in prison wasn't too surprising. He's under-aged and small, and he's been thrown in with the big guys. 

Callie: What did you do to yourself?
Kyle: I needed protection.
Callie: So you're in a gang.

Kyle being so cold and admitting that he used Callie, and then implying that he may have killed the woman? That was a shock. 

What happened to that sweet, nervous kid that was in juvie? He was a whole different person while he and Callie were exchanging words. He even had the tear-drop tattoo which we're led to believe means he killed someone. 

The Fosters 13x19g

Am I the only one who thought for a moment that someone convinced him to say all of these things to Callie so that she could be convinced to turn him? She wouldn't have done that otherwise. I could see Robert finding a way to do something like that, can you?

Callie totally had a shot at beating this, but that has all changed with this surveillance information. Stef's face was priceless. 

After all, Callie, for the most part, did a decent job at staying out of too much trouble with the whole situation with Diamond. I was shocked that she actually called her mother and told her about Diamond's phone.

Partners In Crime...Fighting - The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19

I'm glad they are moving forward with this Diamond investigation. It's really interesting to watch. 

It's killing me that Diamond may have successfully convinced this other young girl to join her and her pimp. It's not a great life to have, and they showed as much when the pictures of the body of another prostitute surfaced. 

When Diamond admitted that she beat the girl up herself my heart dropped. Now, she's trying to lure someone into this life that she doesn't even want to be a part of. 

Diamond: He didn't beat her.
Stef: Yeah, you sure about that?
Diamond: I did. Bottom bitch has to keep the other girls in line.

Diamond's pimp is a cocky son of a gun, isn't he? He was so confident that nothing would come of him casually walking past the group home and pretending like he was a neighbor, just to tip Diamond off. 

He must have tracked Callie's phone. Am I the only one who thought it was odd that Callie didn't put two and two together after that text message? It was a picture of a diamond for crying out loud! Callie, you're supposed to be our resident kid sleuth. 

The Fosters 13x19b

Callie was frustrating because she was breaking my heart with her poor decisions piling up on top of each other and leading to bigger messes.

But Mariana was the most annoying character of the hour. Let it be known that I love each and every single character on this show, even when they are at their worst. 

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I wanted to reach through the screen and shake Mariana repeatedly from the moment the hour begin to the moment it ended.

The Fosters 13x19d

WTF Mariana? Why do you meddle so much, chica? Why can't you keep a single damn secret? 

Mariana couldn't hold water if someone gave her a cup. It's an ongoing thing with her that we sort of have to accept because it's so her, but she took it to new heights tonight. 

When she lashed out at Emma because Emma didn't tell her about the abortion, I was speechless. Mariana isn't entitled to everyone's information and every facet of other peoples' lives. Emma didn't owe her an explanation.

Emma didn't owe Mariana anything. If anyone is the hurt party here, it's Jesus. Not Mariana, but the girl took the entire hour to find ways to make things about herself. 

Emma: Are you OK?
Mariana: What do you mean?
Emma: You've barely been talking to me.

I'm in no way trying to diminish any of her issues because she's entitled to have them. For example, her feelings regarding Ana being so good with Isabella but being so crappy with her and Jesus? Those are valid feelings she has every right to have. 

She wasn't even in the wrong when she had Ana in her therapy session as a way to work through that. But I loathe the fact that Mariana's therapist never actually makes Mariana take responsibility for her own actions.

Mariana: Does it ever make you feel bad? Seeing Ana with Isabella. How good of a mom she is with her?
Jesus: I don't think about it.
Mariana: Do you ever remember Ana leaving us in our cribs when we were babies? For a whole day or more.
Jesus: Yeah, yeah I do. I dreamed about it when I was in a coma. We were in our cribs and crying. I was trying to take care of you.
Mariana: We were babies. It wasn't your job to take care of us.

I noticed that when she brought Lena and Stef with her, too. It's almost as if she doesn't do anything wrong. I find it odd. 

While it needed to come out that Drew has plans to change Anchor Beach, it should have come from Jude. Mariana literally walked in, asked Jude to tell her a secret, then blabbed two seconds later. 

It's not endearing or cutesy anymore. It's flat out annoying. It's not simple, inconsequential things she's blabbing. It's serious, life-changing stuff. 

She had to be told not to share the situation with the school, but of course, she already posted it on her secret page. We all know how the internet works. Once it's out there, it's out there. No take-backs.

The Fosters 13x19f

Mariana nearly revealed the truth to Jesus when she and Brandon were arguing. Then, in a way she did, when Jesus found the page looking for the Anchor Beach tweet and saw the one about Emma. 

It didn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. 

That turn of phrase can be a tough one when thinking about Jesus' current state. 

I was so annoyed with Jesus for not taking his medicine because he doesn't want to be impotent. There are more important things than sex! I know he's a teenage boy, but my God, his health is seriously at risk, and he is seriously impaired if he doesn't take it. 

Jesus: What...what are we doing?
Gabe: Um. We're moving my stuff in.
Jesus: Why?
Gabe: Should I call your moms?

I was so upset with him. Especially when he lashed out at Gabe the way he did after Gabe shared the truth with Lena. 

Gabe spilling Jesus' secret was the responsible thing for him to do. He genuinely cares about Jesus, and he knew that moms needed to know the truth. Watching Jesus blank out the way he did when they were moving was just scary. 

He may be upset with Gabe, but it needed to be done. Have I mentioned how happy I am that Gabe is there and potentially going to play a bigger role? I love Gabe. He's one of my favorite recurring characters, and I would love to see him continue to develop a relationship with the twins and better himself. 

He could benefit from being around the family just as much as the twins could benefit from him being around. 

Have you tried to get any help with a doctor or something? Because Mariana told me you're depressed.


That was the thing too. The moms allowed him to move into the garage, what would he look like keeping secrets and lying to them right off the bat? 

Maybe Jesus and Gabe can make some sort of pact. They both agree to take their meds if it means it'll help them. Gabe isn't taking his medication for his depression, and while it can go either way with that, maybe he should.

But to find out that Jesus' insecurity stemmed from the fact that he only thought Emma was into him for their physical relationship was heartbreaking. 

Jesus has always had a bit of an inferiority complex and is often afraid that he's not as smart as others around him. In his defense, Emma has on more than one occasion contributed to that. So I get it. 

I'm sure everyone knows she's not with me for my mind. Our thing, it's...physical.


He feels like without sex, Emma wouldn't want him. 

The MVP of the episode goes to Brandon. 

His scene with Jesus was so touching. He was able to talk things through with Jesus and remind him that Emma loves him regardless. 

The Fosters 13x19c

Brandon also had a mature conversation with moms about the letter and the situation with Emma and even got praised for being so supportive of Emma. 

He called Stef out on questioning his interest in helping Callie, too. I understood Stef's reservations because Brandon does have a habit of swooping in with Callie is in emotional distress, and things get messy. He does that with every woman he's into. 

He has Knight in Shining Armor syndrome.

The Fosters 13x19

But Brandon was right, too. Callie is his family, and he shouldn't have to avoid his family to appease moms. Before the two of them were family or even lovers, they were really good friends. They had a nice bond. They deserve to still have that. 

I loved Brandon in this installment. He's probably the most criticized character of the bunch, but one thing I've always loved about him is he's a great older brother. You can't take that away from him. He was that during this installment. 

My absolute favorite moment of his, was when he let Mariana have it. It was everything she needed to hear and I wanted to say myself. 

This is exactly why she didn't tell you, Mariana. Because you can't keep secrets. You're a crappy friend.


Jude kept it cool and light, being the least problematic kid of the bunch. I love Jude. He's been getting into mischief here and there, but he still remains the one kid of the bunch who doesn't cause too much trouble. 

Do you, Jude. 

But the information he had led to a stakeout with Monte and Lena. Were you shocked to see Nicks' father in the mix? I was.

Stakeout - The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19

His vendetta is so strong that he's willing to fund changing the school behind Lena's back. Does he think Lena would be ousted? What's the long game here? 

There were apparently a lot of parents there that had Lena and Monte concerned. I'm dying to know more about this plot. It was such a sudden one, and yet I'm so intrigued.

So, what did you think about "Who Knows"? Did Mariana bug you? Did you empathize with Jesus? How do you think he'll react now that the knows the truth about Emma's abortion? What do you think will happen next with Diamond? Do you think Callie is going to jail? 

Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think. Don't forget you can watch The Fosters online here at TV Fanatic. 

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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Thank you very much for taking Emma and being there for her. That was very good of you.


Stef: What was this letter doing in your pocket?
Brandon: Emma asked me to take it so no one else would read it.