Days of Our Lives: A Legacy Character Returns!!!

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When Will Horton was brutally murdered on Days of Our Lives, it left many viewers shocked, angry, and upset, but there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Will is apparently still very much alive! He is returning to Salem sometime in the fall of 2017.  

And he will once again be portrayed by actor Chandler Massey, who broke many viewers' hearts when he left the role in 2013.

Days of Our Lives Wedding Pic

Massey is a three-time Emmy award winner who portrayed Will during his popular coming out story in 2012.

During Massey's original run, WiIl had his first kiss with another man (which was also a first for Days of Our Lives), struggled to come to terms with his sexual orientation, and eventually began dating Sonny Kiriakis.

Massey left the series shortly before his character, now played by Guy Wilson, married Sonny in daytime's first male-male wedding.

Will was last seen on-screen in 2015. He was brutally strangled by the "Necktie Killer," after discovering that the murderer was none other than his cousin Abigail's fiance Ben.

The graphic nature of his death left little doubt that Will was really and truly dead, so the writers will have their work cut out for them creating a return story that viewers can easily accept.

There's been no word yet about exactly how the show plans to explain Will's resurrection, but this isn't the first time Days of Our Lives has crafted a return story that defies belief.

Sami Gives Birth!

Back in 2004, after Marlena Evans allegedly killed a number of fan favorites, including show matriarch Alice Horton, it turned out that Andre Dimera had kidnapped all the victims and held them on an island called Melaswen.

It was an exact duplicate of Salem and that the murder victims just happened to look like them!!

And in the summer of 2016, Aiden Jennings returned to town after having been killed on-screen by Bo Brady.

It was revealed that a doppelganger working for the Dimeras had kidnapped Aiden before attempting to murder Hope and that the real Aiden had been held captive for almost a year.

Will and Paul - Days of Our Lives

Whatever explanation the writers come up with, it's likely to involve foul play of a different sort than what was shown on-screen when Will was killed and most likely is something that could never happen in real life. 

However incredulous it is, it's unsurprising the show decided to go this route. Will Horton's death was one of the most controversial decisions made in the last few years. Many viewers expressed shock, anger, and dismay at Will's death.

Will was first seen on-screen as a baby born to Sami Brady and Lucas Horton, and throughout the years was portrayed by different aged actors, making viewers feel like they were losing family members.

He also was part of the groundbreaking and popular Will/Sonny pairing. Will and Sonny were married in 2014 in the first male-male marriage on daytime television.

For the story to play out, Marlena became ordained as a minister to officiate at the ceremony and declare them "husbands for life."

Mother / Son Showdown - Days of Our Lives

Soon after, however, Sonny's first love returned to Salem and Will's insecurities and desire to get ahead in his career as a reporter seriously harmed the marriage when Will cheated on Sonny with Paul!

Will's death was a bewildering end to this storyline and to the saga of Will and Sonny and fans have been demanding a redo ever since.

Currently, Sonny and Paul have begun to rekindle their relationship, so it's likely that Will's return will shake up this new couple and leave Sonny again torn about which man he wants to be with.

However, Days of Our Lives has said nothing about Will's return storyline other than that he will share scenes with his TV mother Sami (Alison Sweeney).

Are you excited about Will's return?

How do you think his death will be explained, and what do you hope he gets up to in Salem this time?

Get ready to chat about it in the comments. Should we talk about it in the upcoming Days of Our Lives Round Table, too?

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