Confess Q&A: Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper Talk About the Hit Series

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Confess is a thrilling web series that will leave you clamoring for more.

Spanning seven episodes, it is the perfect example of a web series done right: It had likable characters, a heartbreaking plot and the production values of a series you would expect to see on broadcast TV. 

Lifeboat Productions made Confess and they have a wealth of other fresh and exciting content. 

We had the pleasure of speaking to Katie Leclerc (Switched at Birth) and Ryan Cooper (Eye Candy) about this excellent series and what the future holds for them. 

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TV Fanatic: What attracted you to the series?

Katie Leclerc: I loved our director Elissa Down, her spirit, her energy and her film The Black Balloon is super amazing. I also really liked Auburn's strength. She is a fighter and a survivor and takes care of herself while being compassionate to others.

TVF: Your character, Auburn, had a lot of secrets. What did you like most about playing the character?

KL: I really like that she is such a good mother. Despite having serious obstacles and having to prove herself to Lydia over and over, she never ever gives up on AJ.

Katie Leclerc on Confess

TVF: At the close of Episode 1, we found out that Auburn had a child. How did you feel about that particular twist?  

KL: I thought it was great! I'm always in for creative storytelling!!

Were you shipping Auburn and Owen from the get-go?

KL: For sure! I think they are really great together!!

TVF: The opening scene of the series has got to be one of the most emotional on TV in recent memory, but it set up Auburn’s heartbreaking past very well. Was it difficult to transition from that version of the character to the happy-go-lucky version viewers met when Auburn first walked into Confess?  

KL: I think we all go through a tragedy that shapes us. And I feel like while Auburn has healed in many ways, she still carries a piece of Adam with her (literally she is always wearing the necklace that Adam gave her) she has a lot of joy in her!

Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper

TVF: It sure seemed like Auburn felt an instant connection to Owen when she walked into Confess. Would you agree?

KL: Yeah! She is intrigued by him from the beginning slightly skeptical, but for sure she wants to explore their friendship.

TVF: What did you like most about the way Auburn’s story concluded on Episode 7?

KL: I love that they end up together! She gets a happy ending AJ gets to live with mom and still have his grandma around as well!

TVF: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

KL: Yes! I'm working on a film for Crackle called Party Boat which should be out this August!! 

Ryan Cooper on Confess

How did you land the role of Owen Gentry on Confess?

Ryan Cooper: I auditioned a few times with the casting directors, Sharon And Fern...and then met with Elissa, our director, and Katie. After that meeting, I knew we had a really strong team to make a great show with!

TVF: How did you feel about the way Owen went about creating his artwork?

RC: I thought Owen’s creations were very heartfelt and beautiful. Taking a confession and molding into a portrait through his empathy takes a big heart.

TVF: Do you feel like Owen’s journey was about moving on from the past?

RC: Absolutely. And I feel getting to play him helped me to understand a part of me that needed, to be honest and let go of past hurts that I carried.

Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper Smile

TVF: If you owned an art gallery, do you think you would do more thorough vetting on potential employees? 

RC: Ha. I think Owen with Hannah was using his passion physically to mask the intimacy he deeply desired with someone. And Auburn eventually opened that up for him. I think the story is so beautiful.

TVF: Your character on Confess was a complete 180 to the character you played on Eye Candy. What did you like most about playing a more grounded character this time around?

RC: That makes me smile!:) I really loved playing both. Both had truths and hurts they were dealing with but approached it in different ways to get those needs met. Owen would operate with his love overriding his anger. Whereas Jake in Eye Candy, I felt would operate out of anger over the love he felt and needed satisfying. 

TVF: Do you have any other projects in the works at the moment?

RC: Yes, Rough Night where I play a stripper, Jay, is about to be released around the world with Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon. And Day 5 where I play a new lead in season 2 of a post-apocalyptic world where if you sleep you die,  will begin airing on a premium streaming channel called Rooster Teeth this summer I believe. 

You can watch all episodes of Confess on Go90. Go on; it's worth it. 

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