Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Stupidest Person in Salem!

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Joey considered turning himself in for Ava’s murder, while Lucas and Brady fell off the wagon, and Chloe returned to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony and UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Steve and Kayla’s fight, whether Tripp or Joey should leave town, and who is the stupidest person in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who was right and who was wrong during Kayla and Steve’s fight?

Tony: I'm on team Steve here. As much as Kayla was holding a lot of stuff in and it came out at that moment , she was blinded by her motherly protective instincts. Joey needs to pay for what he did to move on.

Jack: Steve was 99% right. He loses a point for thinking Tripp shouldn't face consequences for his bad behavior too, but gains many for thinking that continuing to cover for Joey and allowing his guilt to destroy him is the wrong thing to do. 

Kayla is being selfish and putting her desire to not see Joey go to prison above what's in his best interest.

UhSir: Oh man, am I torn on this! I would totally be Kayla but I absolutely understand Steve. I honestly don't think either of them are wrong about Joey, but I do think Kayla was wrong to blame Steve for all of it.

Christine: For the most part, Steve was right, although I think Tripp should face some consequences for what he did to Kayla. 

I understand Kayla’s fears for Joey, but he’s destroying himself from the inside out. And she needs to realize that this is Joey’s decision, not hers or Steve’s. 

Kayla and Steve Argue Over Joey - Days of Our Lives

If you got to choose between Tripp or Joey leaving Salem, who would leave and who would stay?

Tony: Joey . I think he needs to go away . Get some help and figure out a way to heal himself away from all the craziness of Salem 

Jack: I like both characters but honestly they both need to go to some sort of mental facility and get the help they need and then they can both come back. If Joey leaving means we never hear Ava's name again I'm all for it though.

UhSir: Leave, Tripp; Stay, Joey. When Tripp first arrived I would have said the opposite, but Tripp has turned into a caricature. Meanwhile, Joey has flourished, especially this week. I want to hug him and shake him and tell him to "Snap out of it!"

Christine: Please send Joey away! I think Tripp has potential, but Joey (both in story potential and acting ability) just isn’t entertaining; in fact he’s almost painful to watch. It’s time for him to go, and perhaps come back as a recast down the road. 

Lucas and Brady Fall Off the Wagon - Days of Our Lives

Were you disappointed by Lucas and Brady’s drinking binge?

Tony: Yes I was . As fun as it was to see and hear them talking about there history, I don't get the play it for laughs when it should have been serious .

Jack: Yes. Brady always does this and it's enough already. Lucas has been sober for years and this shouldn't have caused him to slip. Plus alcoholism doesn't work the way it's depicted at all so this whole thing was another glib treatment of a serious mental health issue.

UhSir: Brady, no, he's been building up to it. Lucas, yes, he's been strong through so much worse.

Christine: If these two hadn’t been alcoholics, this could have been a fun seen with two people getting drunk and sharing sob stories, but they are alcoholics.

Brady slips often, so this was almost expected, but Lucas has been sober for years. I found it really sad that some ridiculous trick caused him to take that drink, because getting back on the wagon is hard as hell. 

Chloe’s back. Yay or nay?

Tony: Yay. I like her. Hope she can redeem or at least explain herself from the last few times she has been around. 

Jack: We'll see. She hasn't opened her mouth for more than a second yet, so it's hard to tell whether she's worth the airtime. Hopefully she won't be all judgey -- and she won't be both Lucas and Brady's rebound (if they ever sober up.)

UhSir: Oy vey! I will like her back if they stop writing her as petty and stupid.

Christine: I’ve been let down by Chloe several times, so I can’t say I’m happy to see her. She can be an interesting character, or a selfish nutcase. We’ll just have to wait and see which version we get this time. 

Brady Becomes Obsessed - Days of Our Lives

Who is the stupidest person and Salem and why?

Tony: That foster mom who takes the baby of someone they are fostering to s public park the mom is known to frequent and leaves her alone. 

Jack: There are so many people who don't use their brains, but few are truly stupid. 

Brady comes to mind as one who is not so bright, or at least has destroyed too many brain cells through substance use to be capable of making decent decisions now. 

He has been gullible for years when it came to women, believing Kristen's lies without question, believing that Theresa's transformation was an act just because she said so, and now believing Nicole is cheating on him based on scant evidence and turning to alcohol again instead of picking up the phone when she calls.

UhSir: Brady. He gets involved with a woman, it goes downhill, he thinks his life is over. He seems to have totally forgotten that he has a son.

Christine: There’s such a long list to choose from…and I was going to go with Brady, but Jack covered him pretty thoroughly, so I’ll choose Nicole. 

Nicole can’t get out of her own way. She keeps unnecessary secrets, tells silly lies, and make stupid decisions, like sneaking around the park to be with Holly when she knows it could jeopardize any chance she has of getting her back. 

And an honorable mention goes to Joey, who told half of Salem he smothered Ava with a pillow. 

Nicole Is Keeping Secrets - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Tony: Where Hattie and Bonnie ended up by the end of the week . There annoying and I think there plans will fail very quickly 

Jack: I want more JJ. I would care if Raines wanted to fire him for keeping a confidence. I don't care that Lani is in this predicament because she's a useless character who doesn't deserve to still be working at a job she's incompetent at and doesn't come on time to. 

Also, Nicole and Brady both know better than to do the stupid things they did, and BRady and Lucas drinking was the low point of the week.

UhSir: Brady's unexplained obsession that Nicole is cheating on him.

Christine: That Kayla blamed Steve for Joey’s predicament, even though he took a murder rap to save their son from prison time. And her being upset that Steve brought Tripp into their lives. Would she really want a man who would turn his back on his own son?

Also, having to listen to Hattie and Bonnie cackle half the week. Please make it stop. 

Bonnie and Anjelica - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Tony: Paul and Brady after Paul figured out he was thinking of drinking . I love the brotherly bond that has formed with them . I also liked Claire 's reaction to Tripp being like, What? No.

Jack: I'm loving Chad and Abigail's reunion! The Tripp confrontation and fallout with Steve and Kayla was excellent too.

UhSir: I'm enjoying most of Deimos' murder story. I like that so many people are involved.

Christine: I thought Steve and Kayla’s fight was excellent. As much as I hated that the fought, it was realistic and the actors were wonderful!

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