15 Characters That Were Almost Killed Off

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Sometimes, the best decisions show writers make are the ones that they don't follow through on.

Could you imagine if some of the characters that we've grown to know and love were meant to meet their end? Well, it almost happened. Whether it was due to creative differences or positive fan reception, these characters were all given a second chance.

Let's take a look at 15 TV characters that were originally intended to be killed off.

1. Jack - Lost

Jack - Lost
Could you imagine LOST without it's main protagonist, Jack Shepard? The character was not intended to make it past the pilot. Shortly after waking up on the island, Jack was originally killed by the smoke monster. However, a network executive demanded this to be changed as they loved the character. The episode was subsequently rewritten and Jack went on to become the definitive leader of the group and a fan favorite.

2. Hershel Greene - The Walking Dead

Hershel Greene - The Walking Dead
Sure, Hershel did eventually meet his maker regardless at the hands of the Governor during season four. but did you know that the character was never meant to make it out of the second season alive? Positive reception to the character caused the showrunners to keep Hershel around for a while, with Dale ending up being killed in his place.

3. Klaus - The Originals/The Vampire Diaries

Klaus - The Originals/The Vampire Diaries
That's right, this blood sucker was originally intended to meet his maker at the end of The Vampire Diaries' third season. The producers however, loved Joseph Morgan's portrayal of the character and decided to keep him around long enough to get his own spinoff with The Originals.

4. Harry Crane - Mad Men

Harry Crane - Mad Men
During season one, show creators originally intended to have Harry killed off by jumping out of the building. Which would have been provided significance of the man falling during the opening credits in a similar fashion.

5. Castiel - Supernatural

Castiel - Supernatural
It's difficult to imagine where the Winchesters would be, had it not been for their pal Cas coming through for them time and time again. That's right, our favorite angel was originally intended to only appear in a six episode arc during season four. Thankfully, the character was rewritten to continue on due to positive reactions from fans and critics.

6. Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
The original concept was to have Jessie killed during Breaking Bad's first season. Coincidentally, due to the 2008 writer's strike, the writers had time to reevaluate the direction of the character.

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